Zakopane day trip from Krakow or Katowice

Explore wonderland-like winters and fun-filled summers on a day trip to Zakopane from Krakow or Katowice. This mountain-locked town offers unrivalled experiences.

Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland just south of Krakow. The town lies in the valley of the Tatra Mountains making it a perfect vacation location with stunning views, sensational skiing and plenty of summer activities. The town is a short two hours away by train or bus from Krakow or two and a half hours from Katowice, meaning you can take a day trip and explore a little more of Poland. Why should you visit? Let us show you!

The winter capital

There is nothing better than heading to a ski resort to really tackle those winter months. Slice it up on your own, or if you are still pizza-plowing down hills then take a ski lesson with one of the companies in town like Ski Zakopane.

zakopane day trip - a woman skiing down a ski slope

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If speeding down a slippery hill isn’t your thing, there are a bunch of other cool snow activities to take on.

zakopane day trip - Zacopane people riding horse drawn sleds in the snow

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Jingle bell your way around and hop aboard a horse and sleigh. Enjoy the ride and get unforgettable views of this wondrous mountain-locked town.

zakopane day trip - fundog husky tours in Zacopane, a husky resting

© Fun Dog

Want a little more speed? Let Fun Dog take you on the ride of your life, driven by strong, fierce (and adorably fluffy) huskies.

zakopane day trip - people driving snow mobiles through the snow

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If you prefer machines or have always wanted to try a snowmobile and be like every cool winter-based spy movie, then get in touch with Discover Zakopane for a tour. This is a great way to achieve your dreams and see the surrounding areas simultaneously.

When the sun comes out

If winter is not your thing and you prefer heading out without freezing your toes off, not to worry, Zakopane is still a perfect holiday destination without its winter whiteouts. Once the ice has melted, the city has a whole new box of tricks to keep you busy.

zakopane day trip - city of Zacopane,vie to houses rooftops with mountains in the background

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For those who like heights, rocks and aren’t afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, rock climbing in Zakopane promises to be a highlight of your trip.

zakopane day trip - a man rock climbing

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Free Rajdy have awesome rock climbing tours that will get your heart racing to the top and stopping with the view. If heading out alone be sure to check climbing zones and rules first. The Tatras Mountains peeking over the city are perfect for scrambling up and are also a favorite for hiking and biking.

zakopane day trip - Zacopane city segway tours

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Prefer to stay grounded? Segway tours are the new cool kids on the block and are a great deal of fun. Master the art of balance and see the city at your own pace (without having to pace at all!). Segway Zakopane have the wheels and the know-how to take you on a memorable trip.

zakopane day trip - Zacopane markets in the city with horses and carriages walking in front

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Another great way to explore the city is to do things the old-fashioned way and take a horse and carriage ride. You can choose your destination whether it be through the town op into the mountains and you can book for up to nine people.

zakopane day trip - cabke car going down the mountain with view of mountains

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To get some unrivaled pics of the incredulous landscapes around Zakopane take the Kasprowy Cable Car up the mountain. Once at the top you can choose to go for a hike or just soak up the fresh air and enjoy the view.

There are endless things to do in Zakopane making it the perfect day trip location from Krakow. Discover Zakopane have some great ideas of what to do and what to see when there so be sure to plan ahead so you can squeeze in all your favorite things. If you can’t decide what activities are best, then head to the reception at Park Inn by Radisson Krakow Hotel or Park Inn by Radisson Katowice and ask these friendly locals for some tips.