Yacht fun: experience Dubai on the water

Yachts are a big part of the Dubai lifestyle, to the point that it is in many ways, symbolic of the luxuries that the city has to offer. A day at sea is a day well spent, so don’t wait up. Go ahead and explore a different side of the city with a yacht in Dubai.

While, visiting Dubai and staying with us at Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City, there are so many things to do. How do you choose? Here are some reasons why you should consider renting a yacht in Dubai for a day. By strolling around or relaxing at a café in Dubai Marina, you can enjoy a beautiful view of several yachts in all shapes and sizes.

Yacht in dubai marina© Vosidiy M.

I’m on a boat!

The all-time favorite for activities on the yacht is partying. Dubai’s yacht parties are a super fun way to enjoy some sun, water, good food and great music. It’s easy to organize one of your own by hiring a yacht in Dubai. It is an easy and stress free way to impress your guests; just let the staff know how you see your event and everything will be taken care of.

You’d be surprised by the size of the fish in the Gulf waters, so fishing is a popular sport. If you’d like, rent a yacht and go deep sea fishing. An intriguing, competitive and rewarding experience – the ultimate catch awaits you! Gather friends or family for some fun; the person with the biggest catch will be the winner of the day!

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Why not jump off the yacht for some scuba diving?

Plunge into the mysterious and fascinating world beneath the surface. Take a swim with exotic fish, spot some baby sharks or just be mesmerized by the exotic marine life. After scuba diving, relax on the yacht and contemplate the beauty of life.

Yacht in Dubai marina city view© Abubakr87 / commons.wikimedia.org

If you’ve already been around the city, then just change your angle. You’ll never look at Dubai the same way after exploring it from the water. Take a ride of Traditional Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina take a trip of The Palm islands, snap some photos of the Burj Al Arab and see Atlantis, The Palm up close.

Traditional Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina provides one of the most unique sightseeing tours in traditional Dubai style.desert safari in Dubai
If that is not adventurous enough for you and you want to explore more options then, in the land of golden desert dunes and starry skies, a desert safari in Dubai is the ultimate experience for anyone living or visiting Dubai.

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