Visit Kaunas Guide

Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania with rich history and traditions. If you want to get to know Lithuania, visit Kaunas.


Rumsiskės is best known for its excellent open-air ethnographic museum, one of the largest in Europe. The museum displays heritage of Lithuanian rural life in a vast collection of authentic resurrected buildings where people lived and worked. One of the best best ways to immerse yourself in Luthuanian culture is to attend the Uzgavenes celebrations that takes place at the end of Winter and welcomes Spring. Many traditions and acitivites take place, including dancing, eating, races, games and general family fun.

Rumsiskes Kaunas guide

Pazaislis monastery

A unique baroque monument, Pazaislis is considered as one of the most beautiful artistic examples in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Inside church in Kaunas

Kaunas Castle

The Kaunas Castle is a preserved historic monument showcasing the first spatial structure built in Lithuanian territory. Located on a picturesque hill on river valley, visiting its ruinings is undoubtedly one of must-see sights in Kaunas.

Old town

Covering a total of 106 hectares and dominated by a majestic mix of Gothic and Renaissance-styles , Old Town is not to be missed. Many attractive 16th century merchant houses circle the Town Hall and the main street – Vilniaus, and it is worth exploring.

Vilniaus Street Kaunas

Liberty avenue

Enjoy a nice walk through the longest pedestrian street in Eastern Europe full of shops, bars and restaurants, making it suitable for day and night time activities.

Park in Kaunas

Where To Stay

Friendly Park Inn by Radisson Kaunas is a best place to stay on your city break to Kaunas, whether you are a tourist or business traveler. The hotel has a well-equipped fitness center, a stylish bar and restaurant, spa center and one of the biggest conference centers in Kaunas.