Visit Berlin with digital fashion artist @kateillustrate

We’re always looking for new, fun and inspiring ways to share our travel tips with you on the Park Inn by Radisson blog. We invited Digital fashion illustrator @kateillustrate to Berlin to take us around as she illustrated the city. Get ready to be wow-ed!

Visit Berlin with Kate Illustrate

© @kateillustrate

1) Hi Kate, what made you start illustrating?

I made my first illustration back in 2014, while working at Google. With an Economics background, I was aiming at building my career in a big corporation. After some time I realized that what I really wanted is to make an impact myself and not through another company. This is how my brand – kateillustrate – was born and I started my journey as a fashion illustrator. Today I define myself as a digital fashion artist, blogger and entrepreneur.

2) Why did you choose to travel to Berlin?

I spent 3 beautiful years of my life in Europe: first, in Milan, Italy and then in Wroclaw, Poland. Coming to Europe is always a sort of coming back home, yet I have so many places I haven’t visited. Berlin was top of my list since I was living in Wroclaw (it’s only 350km away, but I never had a chance to go there).

Visit Berlin with Kate Illustrate

© Instagram / @kateillustrate – Park Inn by Radisson Berlin City-West Hotel

3) What does traveling mean for you?

For me traveling is both discovering myself and the opportunities that are out there. I have the most vivid example of discovering and understanding myself through traveling when I was living for 6 months in Vietnam. Going on a journey helps me understand my strengths and limits, firms me in my beliefs and helps me eliminate my fears. With regard to opportunities, I have to say that being always in your own country limits your horizons, while going abroad makes you see a different world and what is in there for you.

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4) What did you like about Berlin? Any top travel tips?

Well, first and foremost I have to mention the breathtaking view from my room at Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz. This hotel is a must! Since Berlin is a huge city, I also recommend moving around in a car or on a scooter. We rented a scooter for one day and we were able to see so much more. Here’s some places I loved:

  1. Little Berlin in Alexa mall is so much fun, although some of the things there are just a “fantasy”.
  2. I love churches, so I recommend to get inside and on the top of the Dom.
  3. As a fashion illustrator, I have to recommend visiting KaDeWe shopping mall and Kurfürstendamm street. This part of the city is where I guess the real people live!

Visit Berlin with Kate Illustrate

© Instagram / @kateillustrate

5) What are some of your other favorite destinations?

My favourite city is Milan, I love going back there. It has just everything: shopping, tourist attractions, a lot of art, opera, bars and fine restaurants. I also dream of coming back to New York, but my nearest plans are Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, Valencia, Bilbao and maybe Munich.

6) At Park Inn, we have to ask you about color. What’s your favorite color and why?

My favourite color is baby pink. I don’t know why, but it’s the most occurring color in my wardrobe!

7) And lastly, which destination has most inspired your work?

I don’t think there is a single city or country (yet) that has inspired my work that much, I believe it’s a combination of experiences.

Visit Berlin with Kate Illustrate

© Instagram / @kateillustrate – Berlin skyline with Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz Hotel

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