Valentine’s Day tips from Park Inn

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you already decided what to do for your loved one? You could settle for something simple and low-key – or really go for it in a big way!

heart drawing

It doesn’t have to be all candlelight and roses on 14th February. You can make it a really unique occasion simply by allowing your relationship to provide you with creative inspiration. It’s probably a lot easier than you think. Start by mulling over a few ideas. Think about what you most like doing with your partner. Is it going for a run together? Or exploring other cities and other countries? Could it be gardening? It could be something really simple, like watching a good movie in your own living room. You can actually come up with something really special, based on one of the activities you enjoy doing together. For example, if you enjoy hiking together, you could pack a nice lunch and have a romantic picnic. These may seem like little things, but remember the golden Valentine’s Day rule: It’s the thought that counts.

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On the other hand: Perhaps you have a slightly bigger budget this year? In which case, you might try finding an exciting new activity or experience that you don’t normally associate with Valentine’s Day.  Something like parachuting or bungee jumping! It might be something that neither you nor your loved one have ever thought of doing before. So why not take advantage of this special opportunity to try something new and exciting! Challenging your boundaries and trying new things together can be healthy for your relationship – not to mention fun!

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Perhaps this year you’ve planned a weekend getaway for two. So enjoy this Valentine’s Day offer now and spend a romantic evening at Park Inn.

Happy Valentine’s Day!