Travel back in time at the exciting Kulturen Museum

Situated in Lund city centre, Kulturen Museum transports you back in time so you can experience life, both in the city and countryside, from the Middle Ages to the 1930s.

The vision of Kulturen Museum is to be the liveliest and most engaging of its kind. Instead of displaying artefacts in displays, the open-air museum lets you experience everything in its entirety. Founded by Georg Karlin in 1892, it now consists of seven museums, two open-air museums and a number of historic buildings.

Experience the past on its original site

As Sweden’s second largest open-air museum, Kulturen is situated in an area covering around two blocks in Lund city center. It is filled with historic buildings and gardens, some of them on their original sites, in addition to important buildings that have been relocated to the area to be preserved.

Lund Museum - Basebo Church in Lund, Sweden.

image credit: © Kulturen

The museum’s collection of buildings and artefacts all date from the Middle Ages up until the 20th century and are part of a successful attempt to preserve Lund’s heritage. Several of the buildings tell stories about people from different social conditions and times who once lived in these houses. The well-preserved Bosebo Church from 1652 and the ruins of the medieval Church of Maria Minor allow you to reflect on how religion affected society through the ages. The open-air museum replicates historic streets and gardens, which makes you feel like you really have stepped back in time.

Fun and games for the kids

The museum is a place for children to enjoy, with arranged activities such as storytelling, arts and crafts, games and more. There is also a playground, which includes small houses, slides and sandboxes to keep them active.

There are exhibitions dedicated to kids, depicting the games kids played in the past, what the toys looked like, what clothes they used to play dress-up in and so on. At Kulturen, children get a real insight into what life was like hundreds of years ago. In addition to this, the kids can also get involved and play old-fashioned games such as tug of war, walking on stilts and playing with a sword and shield.

Lund Museum - a child drawing in open air , Lund, Sweden.

image credit: © Kulturen

Other museums of Kulturen

Kulturen has more museums spread around the county of Skåne, but many are in Lund itself. These include the Tegnér Museum, the home of Esaias Tegnér, an influential Swedish author and poet (1782-1846).

Lund Museum - Hökeriet grocers shop interior, Lund, Sweden.

image credit: © Kulturen

Another is Hökeriet, Lund’s oldest grocery shop, where you can still shop to this day. A little further from here lies Livets Museum, which delves into all aspects of medical history from the human body, skeletons, the senses and the brain.

Lund Museum - time travel show in open air in Lundd, Sweden.

image credit: © Kulturen

Lund is full of history and culture for you to experience. When staying at the Park Inn by Radisson Lund, you will find yourself within easy reach of all the museums located in the city center.