Top 8 Attractions in Sárvár, Hungary

A rural town in the county of Vas in western Hungary, Sárvár is best known for its revitalising healing waters and world-class spa. However, this is no one-trick pony town – take a look at these top ten things you shouldn’t miss while you’re there.

1. Hire a bike – with a difference

Grab a few friends and take to the streets of Sárvár on a four-wheeled bringóhintó, bizarre contraptions that look something like a cross between a golf cart and a Wild West stagecoach. You can hire one of these unusual bikes outside Nádasdy Castle before setting off to explore Kossuth Square, the Sar quarter, the boating lake and arboretum.

A couple riding bringó hintó

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2. Wallow in the waters of Sárvár Spa

A stay at our Park Inn Sárvár Resort puts you in the ideal location to enjoy all that Sávárfürdő (Sárvár Spa) has to offer. Indulge in a tranquil mineral bath, doze in the sauna, or branch out into Nordic walking or aquabiking.

Sarvar spa Hungary


3. Feed your need for speed

Head to the Pannonia Ring track just outside Sárvár to find some high octane racing action. Choose between go-karts or Vespas and get your adrenaline fix, Magyar style.

4. Get a soaking at the waterpark

Indulge your childish streak with a day at Sárvár Waterpark. Throw yourself down one of the seven water slides, bob gently in the wave pool, or relax in the retro spa. There’s even a diving bay for those with a head for heights.

pool spa park inn sarvar

5. Be a Sárvár Tarzan

At the Sárvár Adventure Park in the forest beside the spa, little kids, big kids and grown-ups who should know better compete to see who’s King of the Jungle by leaping from trees, zooming down zip wires and battling through obstacle courses.

Kid climbing robe jungle park


6. Get in the festival spirit

Immerse yourself in the Sárvár summer by attending the Nádasdy Historical Festival in mid-July, where you can sample Mediaeval ales and food, buy handcrafted souvenirs and watch exciting battle reenactments. In August, costumed dance troupes from all over the world converge for the annual International Folkdays Festival; a celebration of traditional music and dance.

 Nádasdy Historical Festival

7. Turn back time at Nádasdy Castle

Most of the present castle dates back to the 15th century and is a classic example of Hungarian Renaissance architecture. Look out for the magnificent ceiling frescoes in the Great Hall and the wall paintings depicting scenes from the Old Testament. Check out our guide to Nadasdy Castle right here!

Nadasdy castle Sarvar

8. Open air theatre

In the castle courtyard you can catch outdoor theatre performances throughout the summer months. Find a good spot with a blanket, a picnic and a glass of wine and enjoy a taste of Hungarian culture under the stars.

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