Top 6 things to pack for your business trip

Business travel is never quite as glamorous as it sounds. Frankly, clambering in and out of planes, taxis, boardrooms and conference venues for days on end can be an exhausting chore! We’ve gathered a few top tips to help you make your corporate jaunt as efficient as possible. Next time you’re packing your hand luggage, don’t forget these six items – some obvious, others less so, but all vital for a successful business trip.

1.  Spare gadget charging facilities: Whether you’re trekking to some far-flung corner of Borneo or lounging in the comfort of our Park Inn by Radisson Harlow Hotel, you’ve probably brought a few favorite gizmos to keep online, in touch, and engaged with the wider world. Tech toys may make our lives easier, but they’ve left us with an electronic Achilles’ heel: chargers. It’s worth investing in a few spares for your most important gadgets – like your laptop and mobile phone – just in case one gets left behind in a fit of jet lag.

2.  Pens. Lots of pens: Who would set out on a business excursion without proper note-taking facilities? If you’ve ever experienced the mind-mangling frustration that accompanies running out of ink at a crucial moment – right in the middle of jotting down a new phone number or email address – you’ll never again leave the house without at least three. Make sure they’re flight proof – you wouldn’t want ink seeping through the top pocket of your best shirt at 20,000 feet!

3.  Stimulating reading material: We all start out with a few misconceptions about the intense conference-going experience. Yes, you’ll spend some time in meetings and intense negotiations, but a lot more of it will be spent waiting. Take a good book to stave off the boredom – and to give your brain and body a rest from gawping at your laptop screen in the evening. Bonus: your book choice doubles as a convenient ice-breaker.

4.  More business cards than you’ll ever need: The modern world gallops along at a frightening pace these days, and time has become our most precious commodity. Business cards aren’t just a professional touch these days – the ability to produce all your details on a conveniently-sized bit of card might make the difference between a lucrative new connection and losing out on a new contact (especially if one of you forgot those extra pens – don’t say we didn’t warn you).

5.  An organizer for your travel documents: Make traveling as quick and simple as possible – keep those vital pieces of paper well organized and easily accessible, all in one place. You’ll need your passport if you’re leaving the country, plus booking confirmations, contact details for anyone you’re meeting with, transport tickets and travel insurance documents.

6.  Noise-cancelling headphones: When most of your time is spent talking business – or simply on the move – you might find yourself craving some space away from the hustle and bustle. One of the best ways to gain some tranquility on the go is by plugging in, putting on the most relaxing tunes in your music library and letting yourself drift for a while.