Top 6 family attractions in Djurgården everyone will love

Djurgården is a playground for the whole family, with more attractions than you could possibly visit during a short holiday. Incidentally, if you want to stay next to the fun, the Park Inn by Radisson Solna is here for you.

Here are our top 6 family attractions in Djurgården:


1. Skansen – a living museum

500 years of Scandinavian history are all pocketed into the wonderful Skansen Open Air Museum. This is one really cool attraction that you are sure to absolutely love. The museum consists of around 150 farms and homesteads that have been relocated to the ‘park’. Inside you can find a bakery, a shoemaker’s shop, a pottery and more. Let the actors wandering around teach you more about life in Sweden hundreds of years ago. There is no better way to learn than through experience! Also there is an awesome collection of Scandinavian animals in their zoo and the little ones can meet some farm animals up close at the Children’s zoo

Stockholm Skansen Open Air Museum

© Skansen / Christmas feast

2. Gröna Lund – thrills for kids of all ages

One of the best places to entertain the whole family is Gröna Lund Amusement Park. With its many rides like the Twister, Rock Jet and Insane Coaster and great snack and dining options, you can easily spend the whole day here. The grounds also often hold events like the currently running Mamma Mia Party. Step into a stage-less rendition of Mamma Mia, where you will eat and drink while songs are sung, stunts are happening and a story unfolds with you right in the centre. You are able to bring along the kids too if they are 13 or older.

Stockholm Grona Lund theme park in Djurgarden rollercoaster

© Lubbe Garell / Gröna Lund

3. Give ABBA a call

If it just so happens that your family are all fans of ABBA, then you are in luck. There is a dedicated museum to the group right next door. You certainly don’t have to be die-hard fans to enjoy a trip through. At the museum you can sing along as you browse and then dress up as a 5th ABBA member and ‘audition’ for a part in the group.

Attractions in Djurgården: Stockholm ABBA

© Pål Allan / ABBA The Museum

4. Vasa Museum – a step back in time

One attraction we can’t get enough of is the Vasa Museum, which is a step back in time to the 17th Century. The centrepiece of this stunning museum is the ginormous Swedish warship ‘Vasa’, which sat under the water for over 300 years. For those bringing the kids, there are plenty of cool activities and exhibitions to check out too. When with those 3 and up there is “The Vasa Piglet” short film, which is shown year-round in a number of languages. If your kids are 6 and up, embark on their Family Trail where you discover Vasa’s history. For those travelling with older kids, walk through the museum, check out the life sized model of the gun deck and step inside a 17th century diving bell. It is also possible to give sailing the Vasa a try with the help of computers. No matter what ages make up your family, you are going to love the ‘most visited museum in Scandinavia’.

Attractions in Djurgården: Stockholm Vasa Museum

© Anneli Karlsson / The Swedish National Maritime Museums

5. Nordiska Museet

Another pretty fancy family favourite is the Nordiska Museum. The museum itself is Sweden’s largest covering cultural history with works ranging from the 1600’s until now. See what the past was like in this country, learn about old traditions and view extensive art collections. Even if the kids are too young to appreciate art just yet, they will still have a great time in the Children’s Playhouse. The playhouse hosts ‘Time Travel Parties’ where dress ups are available and there is always something to do.

Attractions in Djurgården: Stockholm Djurgarden Nordiska Museum

© Peter Segemark / Nordiska museet

6. Junibacken – The house of fantasy play

Junibacken is a wonderland for small children filled with fantastic characters, colours, games and storytelling. Let the little ones discover, learn and play in a fantasy land built just for them at Djurgården. Hop aboard the Story Train and make your way through tales of Pippi Longstockings, Alfie Atkins, Mamma Moo and more. Then watch a play at the theater and head to the restaurant and grab a bite to eat.

Attractions in Djurgården: Stockholm Djurgarden Muminhuset Junibacken

© Jonas Jörneberg / Junibacken

Are you staying with us at Park Inn by Radisson Solna? If so, then getting to Djurgården is a breeze. Take the busline 67 from Solna Centrum (Center) and it takes you right into the middle of the action in Djurgården in 25 minutes. If these top family attractions are on your list of things to do in Stockholm, then it is worth it to grab the Stockholm Pass. It gives you free access to all these attractions and many more with the exception of Skansen and at the ABBA museum the pass offers a 20% discount.


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