Top 5 Surfing Spots You Must Try

There’s nothing like the feeling of catching your first wave. The excitement, the pride, the freedom! And the best part is, that feeling only increases as you get better and more confident.

Whether you’re a beginner, or a regular beach bum there are locations all over the world that provide the ‘choicest’ of waves. This list explores beaches that suit a range of skills and ambitions. So grab your board, wiggle into your wet suit, and smother your nose in sun-block – we’re gonna have fun!

Mack Waves in Mazatlan 

Mazatlan on Mexico’s west-coast is an amazing holiday destination in itself, beautiful beaches, vibrant city and great surf opportunities. A warm climate paired with waves for all levels that last from April – September… you can get a whole lot of practicing in!

Surf instructors, lessons and equipment rental aren’t in short supply so you’ll be in safe hands on the beautiful blue waves. After you’ve curled, ripped and wiped-out, know that the Park Inn by Radisson Mazatlan is on the coast, ready with plenty of delicious food and a soft bed. Surfing is hard work you know! But because we’re so close to the beach, you can be the first one back in the waves the next day.

Mazatlán Coast

Rip the waves in Reykjavik

Feeling fearless? Then surf in the land of fire and ice. In Iceland’s Reykjavik, you can catch the waves between the glaciers and volcanic lava for an experience you’ll never forget.

There are experienced arctic surfers that can take you to the best spots and can tailor your surf experience around the fjords, snowstorms and swell. But don’t be put off by the mention of ‘cold things’, after all, Iceland is also home to toasty geothermal pools, the wet suits are thick, and the Park Inn by Radisson Reykjavik ensures you’ll get the warmest showers, and softest duvet covers.

Make a full holiday out of your Nordic adventure and see the Icelandic sights too. There is much to explore, both on the beaches and in-land.

Reykjavik Beach

Duck Diving in Dubai

Yes, you can surf here too! Dubai isn’t just dunes and skyscrapers, there’s beautiful beach and wave action to enjoy. Unlike the previous location, the surf here is more suited to the needs of beginners and those that like a gentle surf experience. You can be sure to glide effortlessly from wave to wave as they’re created by the local winds.

Regardless of the time of year you’ll probably be comfortable without a wet suit or a thin summer suit. Temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees celsius! Also, the surf lasts from October – April with the best months being December – February. Plenty of time to get the hang of it.

Dubai really is an adrenaline-fueled paradise, not only do you have the opportunity to surf, there’s also snorkeling, speed boats, renting sports cars and watching motor racing from the Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City.

Dubai Marina Skyline with 3 surfboards on the beach in front

Get Amped in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has one of the most thriving surfing communities, much of the reason has to do with the sheer size of the beach! This area is used mainly in the summer as the wind will die off to leave manageable waves. It’s definitely a location that requires a thicker wet suit, but with fun waves, pretty sights and the chance of seeing dolphins – it’s a location you won’t want to skip!

Whether you’re in Aberdeen for a stay-cation, mini-break or business trip, there’s always a chance to catch a wave or two, and the Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen is there for you when you get back.

Dunnottar Castle Scotland

Cape Town Take-off

There are over 10 beaches renowned as prime surf spots in Cape Town, from gentle swells in small beaches, to large gnarly currents that let experienced surfers show-off their skill. Not only does this mean, everyone gets a chance to surf, but you can do so all year long – with the water reaching its warmest during June-August.

Want a break from surfing without leaving the beach vibes? Check out Boulders Beach, you can chill out, watch the waves, and oh, see colonies of adorable penguins!

The only view that rivals that would be the view from the Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore. Seeing the amazing mountain that overlooks the city is breathtaking!

Cape Town Beach

So there, your top 5 surf spots to check out! Share this blog with friends you think would love a surf holiday!

Hang loose!