Top 5 Places To Visit for Nature Lovers

Hidden away across the globe are beautiful pockets of untouched nature, where you can experience once in a lifetime opportunities and feel truly relaxed. Read on as we give you a comprehensive list of the most jaw-dropping spots around the world where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Mother Nature. With your health as our priority, stay up to date with the safety protocols in place across our hotels for your safety.

Rwanda – Breathtaking adventures

Go on an adventure of a lifetime by visiting Volcanoes National Park, home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The trek may start early in the morning, but it is definitely worth the sunrise alarm to be able to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Make sure to ask for gorilla trekking when you stay with Park Inn by Radisson Kigali to get 10% off your room rates.

Rwanda Volcanoes National Park Gorilla

Duqm – Unspoiled nature

Duqm is home to amazing mountains, valleys and beaches, perfect for those who want to experience a bit of everything nature has to offer. The beaches are unspoiled with crystal clear blue water, truly picture perfect! And for a bit more exploring, dive underwater and explore the hidden caves. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some treasure beneath the surface?

For high altitude lovers, trek the Karmah Pass cliffs, or stroll around the famous Rock Garden to see amazing natural sculptures. It may be an eclectic mix, but you can see it all and draw on your own experiences when staying at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Residence Duqm.

Ras Madrakah Duqm Abu Dhabi

Cape Town – Nature for thrill seekers

To experience a thrill seeker’s guide to nature, you will feel right at home in Cape Town. There’s plenty to climb up, jump off and crawl under! Such as climbing Table Mountain, abseiling back down it, hiking Devil’s Peak and visiting Cape Town Surfing to ride the waves. The fearless can even go Shark DivingYikes!

But even the fearless thrill seekers need to recuperate, and there’s no better place to do it, than at one of our Park Inns. Choose between Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore or Park Inn by Cape Town Newlands – depending on which activity you want to be closest to.

Capetown dream deals


Sárvár – Natural lakes and islands

Sárvár is a great place to see flora and fauna. Visit the Arboretum to see beautiful rhododendrons, stately trees and several 100-year-old plane trees. Rowing enthusiasts will appreciate access to the upper part of the River Rába, located between Szentgotthárd and Sárvár. The town hall’s ringing bell and fountain light and water show are favorites among guests and locals. The area features several lakes connected with 5 bridges and 5 islands. Here guests can not only enjoy rowing but also fishing, and in the winter, ice skating. This wholesome holiday can be rounded off at Park Inn by Radisson Sárvár Resort & Spa – to further aid relaxation and to snap some more great pictures.

pool spa park inn sarvar

Iceland – Picturesque lagoons

You can’t look up Iceland without seeing their beautiful and world famous Blue Lagoon. The pristine pools are very close to Park Inn by Radisson Kaflavik Airport, so it’s perfect whether you’re staying in Iceland for a while or on a stopover. Similarly, snorkeling and scuba diving is also an attraction that should not be missed – especially in water as clear as this!

things to do in Reykjavik - a fissure in the Thingvellir National Park in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Nature really does come in so many forms, and if you’re more of a ‘winter lover’ how about a ski resort? Whatever the case may be, experience your favorites, or even all of them with Park Inn. Happy trekking!