Top 5 attractions near Brussels Airport

Are you passing through Brussels? We’ve collected the top 5 attractions near Brussels Airport that shouldn’t be missed. If you have any questions, just tweet us. Brussels is known as “the heart of Europe” and you will soon understand why after spending a little time in this vibrant European capital. Book your room at Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Airport and discover the popular sights located within a 20 minute radius, while staying close to the airport.

The Atomium

The Atomium is one of the most recognizable icons of Brussels. It is located 15.5 km from the airport – only a 16 minute drive. The shape is actually the atomic structure of the element Iron. This massive building was originally constructed the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair and today it operates as a museum.  You can even have lunch or dinner inside the iconic Atomium, and enjoy a stunning view of the city!

Brussels Atomium

© O Palsson / Wikicommons

European Parliament 

Brussels is the home of the The European Parliament, that is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union. The Parliament buildings are located in the heart of Brussels, 10.6 km and a 16 minute drive from the airport. The buildings are also open to guided tours. You can finally explore the EU neighborhood and put a physical location to the term, when newspapers mention ‘Brussels’ generally as the capital of Europe. It’s in these buildings where EU officials are hard at work governing the EU. It’s definitely worth a small tour!

Brussels European Parliament

 © Jesús Pizarro Sánchez / Wikicommons


Only 10 km distance from the airport, a 13 minute drive you will reach Autoworld. Autoworld is a vintage car museum with more than 250 vintage European and American automobiles from the late 19th century until the seventies. This year Ferrari is celebrating its 70th birthday and special exhibition is taking place at the Expo Autoworld.

Brussels Autoworld

© Instagram / patocphotography

Rene Magritte museum

Belgian Surrealist art is famous all around the world. If you are a fan, then step into the wacky world of René Magritte. It will only take a 20 minute drive from the airport. This large collection of the well-known Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte’s work is on display at the Magritte Museum. The René Magritte Museum occupies the house in which the artist worked nearly 24 years of his life, and is located just a few steps from the city center.

Brussels Place Royal and the Magritte Museum

© Charles Lecompte / Wikicommons

The Comic Strip Museum

Did you grow up reading comics on Sunday morning? You may be surprised to learn that many of the world’s most famous comics were born in Belgium. 12 km, 17 minutes away from the airport you find the Comic Strip Museum. The museum is full of original artwork and interest stories of how these characters came to life. Don’t miss this fascinating museum located in the heart of Brussels.  The Comics Art Museum has been honoring the creators and heroes for more than 25 years.

Brussels Comics Museum

© Laika ac Comics Museum/ Wikicommons

The permanent and temporary exhibitions of the museum draw around 200,000 visitors every year. For architecture fans, the museum is housed in the former Waucquez Warehouse, an incredible Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta. Although the museum is home of Belgian favorites like Tintin and the Smurfs, the Belgian Comic Strip Center showcases comics from around Europe as well. Sounds interesting? Find out more about the Belgian Comic Center and discover 4 other niche museums in Brussels at our blog!

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