Top 10 European destinations this autumn

Welcome back with crisp breezes, bright color concertos and golden sunbeams. It’s Fall! We’re looking forward to exploring small streets without the hot summer sun. We recommend you also spread your wings and fly to one of the cities below. There’s something for everyone!

Vienna, alive with the sound of music

Possibly the most culturally and musically rich capital in the world is inviting people from all around the globe to celebrate the arrival of our cherished autumn! A new season means new shows and symphonies spread around wondrous Vienna, where world-renowned composers lived during the 18th and 19th century. Treat your senses to concerts in majestic settings, including Vienna State Opera, Musikverein, Volksoper, Viennese Conservatory, St. Anne Church and Wiener Konzerthaus. To digest the meal and melodies, enjoy an evening stroll along the Danube to Park Inn by Radisson Uno City Vienna Hotel.

Vienna State Opera at night

© Peter Siroki / Flickr

Prague, an architectural adventure    

Prague is very picturesque. Every corner will make you go “WOW!”. With autumn’s mild temps you’ll have the energy to explore it all. Mark some must-see masterpieces on your map and wander happily between every goal. Kinsky Palace with its pink Rococo façade, Powder Tower with its gothic presence, St. Nicholas Church with its Baroque features, National Museums with its impressive Neo-Renaissance style and St. George’s Basilica with its Romanesque interior are just the first chapter to the fairytale! Between these exciting chapters, enjoy a rest in your soft bed at Park Inn Hotel Prague.

Prague bridges during autumn

Cologne, church, cathedral – go!

Once upon a time, in the year of 1248, a man got an idea. The idea was to build the biggest French style cathedral in Cologne. Construction commenced, but didn’t go as planned. Wars and revolutions turned it into a long-term project. So long, in fact, that it didn’t end until 1880. If nothing else, this Gothic work of art is an example of humankind’s patience and persistence. Visit this vibrant masterpiece, along with many churches with the colorful backdrop that is Cologne in autumn! That’s where a 30-minute walk from Park Inn by Radisson Cologne City West Hotel will take you.

Cologne during autumn

Luxembourg with wondrous views

The picture-perfect pedestrian promenade Chemin de la Corniche is Europe’s most beautiful balcony, wrote author Batty Weber. A stroll along this verdant spot is ideal for greeting the leafy arrival of seasonal and colorful change. Enjoy spectacular sights from above and look out for happenings such as village festivals, markets and special events. You’ll be surprised by how much this little, lively capital has to offer! Every highlight is just a short walk from Park Inn by Radisson Luxembourg City Hotel.

Panoramic aerial view of Luxembourg old town

Bucharest boasts big buildings

The Palace of the Parliament is Europe’s answer to the Pentagon. With over 1000 rooms, 40 lifts, 3 museums, 8 underground floors and 1 antiatomic bunker, it’s big, bold and beautiful. Weighing 4 billion kilos, it’s the heaviest building in the world – so don’t try to lift it. Volume-wise it’s almost as grand as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Built by Romanian dictator Ceaușescu to represent the country’s might, the construction carries a lot of baggage. Take a tour to learn about its controversial history and the era of Communism in general. Once night falls, head to the beautiful Romanian Athenaeum, 500 m from Park Inn by Radisson Bucharest Hotel & Residence.

The Palace of the Parliament Bucharest

Adventures in Amsterdam

Enjoy a leafy stroll through this cozy capital boasting a vibrant palette of bright colors. Amsterdam is an ode to autumn, best cherished during an exploration of streets, alleys, canals and cafés. Sink into soft pillows spread on spacious windowsills, while munching on one cream-covered, crumbly apple pie after the other. In addition to the highly-acclaimed Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam is a cultural hub of it’s own and the best time to fall head over heels for it is in the fall! The only challenge will be leaving Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam City West, designed by award-winning visionary Karim Rashid.

Amsterdam autumn

Budapest, city of spas

Treat yourself with a therapeutic trip to Budapest’s thermal spas! Bathe in architectural masterpieces, some dating back to the 16th century, when Budapest was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. This autumn, you too can soak in one of the Turkish baths: Rudas, Király, Rácz and Császár. Looking for something more modern? Then plunge into the waters of Art Nouveau Gellért Baths or party like royalty at lavish Széchenyi Baths. After all that pampering, you’ll want to show off your silky skin and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so. How does a Michelin restaurant sound? Expensive, right? Well, not in Budapest. Prepare for a sensory explosion at Borkonyha Winekitchen, Onyx, Tanti or Costes. All this magic is within easy reach from Park Inn by Radisson Budapest, moments from the Danube River.

Budapest autumn

Copenhagen and its royal gardens

Witness green colors transform into vibrant red, orange, pink and yellow in parks and gardens – where else? Copenhagen! Bring a blanket, bike and basket filled with Danish delicacies for your journey into a leafy paradise. In city center, you can chill in King’s Garden, Denmark’s oldest royal garden from early 1600’s. There, you’ll find Renaissance-style Rosenborg Castle full of treasures like the crown jewels. Across from it is the Botanical Garden, known for its 1300 plant species and 1874 glasshouse complex. Many more nature marvels await in this captivating capital, that’s just a short metro ride from Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport.

Autumn in Copenhagen King's Garden Denmark

© Kristoffer Trolle / Flickr

Have you meet Munich?

Oh my, is Munich wonderful in the fall! Imagine waterfalls of Bavarian beer served in 1-liter glasses, dances in dirndls, plates of bratwurst with heaps of mustard, tight lederhosen everywhere you look, and singalongs in German. No, that’s not just Oktoberfest – that’s Munich all year around! Head to the alluring beer halls in Old Town, a pure feast for fans of hops and yeast. Treat your taste buds to a Bavarian recipe at Hofbräuhaus, a grand tavern from the 16th century. It’s a mere 20 minutes away from Park Inn by Radisson Munich Frankfurter Ring. Cheers!

New Town Hall in Munich autumn

Krakow, all in one square

One of the largest medieval squares in Europe is located in Krakow and it’s beautiful. Built in the 13th century, it still has everything a traveler’s heart would desire. Visit its 3 churches, including St. Mary’s Basilica. Shop in the world’s oldest mall, full of merchant stalls selling splendid foods and goods. Right beneath the market lies a huge hi-tech museum called Rynek Underground, a historic and archaeological gem. Once the sun sets, find a cozy café on the square and enjoy extraordinary Polish cuisine, while listening to talented street musicians jamming. To end the night, stroll along the banks of Vistula River to your bed at Park Inn by Radisson Krakow Hotel.

Krakow Market square

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