A thrillseeker’s guide to Cape Town

Whether you prefer jumping off, climbing up, or crawling under things, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Cape Town. With towering mountains, sandy beaches and underground caves, the city and its surroundings form one of the greatest natural playgrounds on earth. Discover the Cape Town Adventure guide with us now! And if a thrill-seeking winter adventure is your thing, stay with us at Park Inn by Radisson Newlands and Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore.

There are a few essential elements that make up adrenaline-junkie paradise. You need to be able to get either extremely high up, or extremely low down (preferably both), the scenery must be spectacular, and there must be a coastline nearby. Looking at Cape Town, it’s easy to understand why it’s become a focus for high-octane sports like paragliding, abseiling and shark diving. Here are some of the best ways to spend your time in the Mother City.

Getty - Table Mountain Cable Car

Sky and land 

From our Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore, the looming shadow of Table Mountain is pretty much impossible to ignore. Start by getting up close and personal with its summit, via aerial cable car. You’ll need to book in advance, but it’s worth forsaking some spontaneity for these spectacular views. Once you’ve taken it all in, it’s time to prove how fearless you are by abseiling down the mountain with Abseil Africa. They say the hardest part is stepping over the cliff’s edge – after that, you just have to trust your equipment and put yourself in gravity’s hands. Afterwards there’s a 25-minute hike back up to the top, although you can also opt for a hike-and-abseil combo package that takes in more of the mountain.

Getty - Devil's Peak, Cape Town

Hikers looking for a bigger challenge should try their luck on the ominously-named Devil’s Peak. If strong winds don’t intimidate you, the advanced trail is an exhilarating journey past sharp drop-offs, full of scratchy bushes and narrow paths. When you make it to the peak, you’re rewarded with the chance to hang out in the clouds.

Sand and sea 

Looking to cool off after all that hiking? Grab your swimsuit and make a beeline for the beaches. The warm waters are ideal for relaxing, but if that’s not your scene, practice riding the waves with Cape Town Surfing. Their school has classes for all abilities, so even beginners can have a lot of fun.

If your underwater experience won’t be complete without close proximity to a deathly predator, there’s always shark cage diving. With Shark Diving Unlimited, as long as you know how to hold your breath and control your nerves, you’ll be mingling with Great White Sharks in no time at all. The company is run by passionate conservation advocate, Mike Rutzen. The aim is to educate each diver about the necessity of protecting these terrifying – sorry, majestic creatures. Similarly, you have better visibility in winter when the waters are clearer. So if you want to get your money’s worth of shark spotting, June-August are your months.

Getty - Shark Diving, Cape Town

For those who prefer their animals to look cuter, book in a visit to the Boulders African Penguin Colony. Here, you can meet endangered penguins in their natural habitat. From the boardwalk you can watch them waddling along the sands and diving into the water. Whatever you do though, don’t try to touch or feed the penguins. They might be fluffier than the sharks, but they still have razor sharp beaks that they’re not afraid to use.

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