Think People, Think Community, Think Planet

At Park Inn by Radisson, we believe in helping to build strong communities for a better world. In fact, we have many new and on-going projects to help create better futures. Take a look at what we do, and the plans we have for the future.

Think People

We believe that people are at the center of everything we do, from guests, team members, suppliers, stakeholders, and business partners. We also promote human rights, business ethics and diversity. Examples of this is working with non-profit businesses and schools worldwide to give young people opportunities to become trainees in different areas of our hotels.

We’ve also been pioneers in giving equal opportunities to many people, including opening the world’s first hotel with deaf employees in Cape Town.

Similarly, our staff take every opportunity to give back too! From planting trees to taking part in sponsored 20k runs!

Tree Planting - Responsible Business

Radisson Cares Community Action Month

Think Community

We have a global partnership with SOS Children’s Villages – providing food, shelter and a brighter future to children and at-risk youth. Based in over 135 countries with 500 villages, SOS Children’s Villages helps at a local level to establish strong communities by supporting children in need. Changing the world starts with changing lives, and this is best accomplished by reaching out to people at a local level at building long term relationships.

SOS Children's Villages

From buying local produce to supporting at-risk youth locally, Park Inn by Radisson is all about the local approach. During a previous Community Action Month, we even created special local dishes at our restaurants and donated the proceeds to the local SOS Children’s Villages.

Radisson Cares - Community Action Month Cooking

As strong believers of making every moment matter, we see every moment as an opportunity to make a difference. Previous initiatives have included greener approaches to energy and water consumption, as well as painting beautiful murals in local communities with at-risk youths.

Adding Color to Lives youth

During Earth Day, and throughout Community Action Month, Park Inn by Radisson hotels will be collecting donations for our charity. For example, although our hotel gyms are free to use, guests may donate when they would like to use our facilities. Similarly, when a guest buys a coffee, they have the option to donate the price of a second cup to charity..

Think Planet

Park Inn is also concerned with helping the planet as much as possible, from reducing plastic usage, to using organic food. But there’s more we’re taking on all the time. Replacing plastic straws was one of our first tasks, but we’re aiming to become a plastic-free hotel brand.

Earth Day

Now the majority of our hotels use metal or paper straws that – quite honestly – make our lovely drinks look better than ever. Similarly, we use Earth-friendly pencils for our meetings and conferences, and recycled paper.

Many of our hotels are taking part in a rather wholesome internet trend called Trashtag. They’re going to littered locations in their city, cleaning the area, and leaving a beautiful, clean environment in its place. This trend has been all over Instagram and Twitter recently, so its time we did our part too! From cleaning beaches, fields, woodland and city streets, we’re determined to make the world a cleaner place. Check out some of our hotels’ Instagram stories to see their progress – just search for #RadissonCares.

responsible business trashtag

In it together

As strong believers of making every moment matter, we see every moment as an opportunity to make a difference. Check out our Responsible Business page to see even more!

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