The Skåne of film directors

Films have been made in Skåne for close on a century. Autumn and spring, summer and winter, with shooting very often taking place outdoors. It is said that it is the light and the environments across the plains that directors like so much about Skåne – the beautiful forests, the lovely valleys and the old gnarled trees, together with numerous beaches. Many people think that Skåne is flat, but it has all sorts of landscapes, including wild forests, sea and lakes, snow, beaches, hills and valleys.

Nature in Skåne Sweden

More than 300 films have been made in Skåne and the first Swedish film, “Han som klara boven” (“He’s the obvious culprit”) was shot in Kristianstad in 1908. In the mid-1930s, and for almost 10 years after that, the only films made in Skåne were those featuring the popular actor and son of Skåne, Edvard Persson.

Renowned directors like Ingmar Bergman, Jan Troell and Tage Danielsson have all left their artistic imprint on Skåne soil with famous films like “Sjunde Inseglet” (The Seventh Seal), “Utvandrarna” (The Emigrants) and ”Ronja rövardotter” (Ronja the Robber’s Daughter).

If we fast-forward in the world of film to the 21st century, we land in warm and cozy, picturesque Ystad, which has come to be known as a town intrinsically linked with unsolvable crimes and cruel murders. The reason for this is “Kurt Wallander”, Henning Mankell’s fictional crime detective who lives and works in the town. Thanks to books, films and TV series about Kurt Wallander, Ystad has become a town that is popular way beyond the borders of Sweden.

House in Ystad Sweden

From Ystad, along the coast, a little to the north-west, lies Malmö. And from Malmö, it’s an easy trip over to Copenhagen and Denmark by way of the Öresund Bridge, which is now also famous for the Swedish-Danish criminal series The Bridge, which was filmed in 2011 and in which the leading roles, played by Sofia Helins and Kim Bodnia, are in constant pursuit of lawbreakers. The series shows a number of scenes from both Malmö and Copenhagen, with both light and inviting environments…but also considerably less inviting ones.

Oresund bridge sunset

No matter on which side of the Öresund you choose to stay – the Danish or the Swedish – you can find the best accommodation at the Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport or the Park Inn by Radisson Malmö, both of which are located within walking distance of the beach and which will help you recover from any frights you may have experienced on your journey of discovery among Skåne’s film gems.