The Innsider’s Guide To Wismar

A small city on the Baltic Sea, the Hanseatic city of Wismar may be well-hidden. However, this leads travelers to discover a treasure trove of historic places, a beautiful city, and pretty scenery. Whether you’re there for a business trip, or for a holiday, check out this collection of the best things to do in Wismar – rain or shine.

Oh, and regardless of why you’re in Wismar, stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Wismar, a new hotel, in a historical location.

Wismar, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, North Germany

Grand and Gothic Churches

High Angle View Of Townscape Against Clear Sky

There are a few churches in Wismar, all of which dominate the skyline in the area. Nikolaikirche, or the church of St Nicholas is a beautiful, Gothic church built in the 1400’s for the sailors and fishermen who lived in the city, The medieval brick structure boasts high ceilings and beautiful artwork. It’s also surrounded by cute houses and the riverbank. It’s well-worth a visit if you love architecture.

If you’re more into views FROM churches than views OF churches, then make your way to Kirche St. Georgen. The Church of St George was badly damaged during the war and some of the structure has been rebuilt, luckily they kept the towers so you can still experience the view. The view from the tower allows you to see the whole city – and makes you realize how small Wismar is.

Horror and history

Germany, Wismar, market square with Wasserkunst at twilight

For any movie buffs traveling to Wismar, you may want to know the locations where one of the first horror movies was filmed. The first Dracula movie, ‘Nosferatu‘ was filmed among the winding streets and Gothic architecture.

Walk through the Market Square, gaze up at the ominous St Mary’s Church, pass through the city gate and stare off into the Harbor to walk the infamous stomping ground of the prolific vampire. Those with eagle-eyes can also spot a Nosferatu slab that commemorates the movie.

Sun, sea and sightseeing 

Hanseatic atmosphere

No trip to Wismar is complete without a trip to the Old Hansa Harbor. You’ll find lots of fish restaurants, pubs and cafes with great harbor views if you want to rest. Alternatively, go to any of the working fishing boats and get your hands on the freshest seafood. If seafood isn’t your thing, then get excited about the other German dishes you can try, like schnitzel and currywurst, before quenching your thirst with some authentic German beer. After taking in the harbor’s views and delicacies, hop on one of the tourist boats to embark on another sightseeing adventure.

Schabbelhaus and the World Heritage House

Built in the 1600’s, the Schabbelhaus is an early Renaissance style house that documents the history of Wismar. Schabbelhaus was a brewery, but has transformed itself into a museum that documents Wismar when it was under Swedish rule. It also explains why some of the landmarks look almost Scandinavian in their style. After exploring the Schabbelhaus, walk to the Welt Erbe Haus, or World Heritage House. This museum shows you what Wismar looked like back in the 14th Century, along with the citizens, merchants and the trade that shaped the city.

New and the old

Park Inn by Radisson Wismar

As you can see, the hotel is in a location steeped with an amazing history, and we wanted to bring that to our hotel. That’s why our guest rooms were created by the city’s shipyard and are designed to look like a ship’s cabin! Pretty cool, right? So, whether you’re a business or leisure traveler, choose the Park Inn by Radisson Wismar as your base. It’s located in the Old Harbor, near the Old Town, but this is a new hotel with everything you need to make your stay enjoyable.