The birthplace of the Bagel, Kraków

Explore the birthplace of the bagel and enjoy Krakow’s Obwarzanek. Then check out Wandercrush’s recipe and take a taste of Poland home with you. Read on our article about Krakow bagel!

Every step you take in Kraków will be just moments away from one of the city’s famous food carts, smelling of delicious warm bread. These twisted, golden brown goods are said to be the original bagel dubbed the ‘Obwarzanek Krakówski’. So, if the beginnings of the Bagel date back to Kraków, then bread lovers shouldn’t leave Poland without a bite. Here is a quick history of the doughy delight so you can quiz your friends when serving them up at home.

The original bagels’ beginnings

In 1496, the King of Poland lifted a ban on baked goods and to celebrate, Kraków’s Jews began baking the Obwarzanek bagel. There is documentation of bagels dating back 600 years; originally being something only baked at Lent, it is now a treat sold on every corner. Over 200,000 of these are eaten each day in the summer so give it a taste but be sure to find a warm one. They are best within three hours of being baked and make the perfect breakfast or mid-morning snack.

A girl eating prezel in Krakow in Poland

So how is this traditional treat different from the American-style bagel we love so much? The Obwarzanek is boiled like a bagel but they are larger and woven with two strands of bread not one. They are also eaten whole, rather than cut in half to make sandwiches.

A cross between a pretzel and bagel and dipped in tradition, these goodies are perfect to bake to impress your friends and family. Wandercrush delves deeper into Kraków’s quaint streets filled with scents of hot dough with their blog post. Here is their perfect recipe to bring a little taste of Poland back home with you.

Fresh from New York: Bagelmama

Still not bageled-out? There is one more stop on your bagel journey that you can’t miss when in Kraków. Bagelmama is a nice little ‘slice of New York’ in the center of the city. Get the freshly baked goods, American-Style, and enjoy your choice of bun topped with delicious cream cheeses, meats and salad or some light salmon. Get it toasted and then relax as you bite down into a nice crispy bagel prepared by Nava the American behind Bagelmama’s success.

The Obwarzanek - traditional Polish bagel with poppy

Explore this city of freshly baked bagels from Park Inn by Radisson Kraków, just one of the delicious traditional foods found in this Polish city.