The best room escapes in Frankfurt

As one of Europe’s great centers of culture and commerce, Frankfurt attracts business people and tourists from around the world. Room escapes have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, providing immersive experiences in which participants must solve puzzles to earn their freedom.

Testing your nerve, challenging your problem-solving skills and pushing you to collaborate with every member of your group, escape rooms are the ideal team-building activity. Best of all, they’re actually fun. If you’re in the market for something a little different on your next trip abroad, here’s a few of the best that Frankfurt has to offer.


In Studio 113, players find themselves in a small corridor. The door through which you entered is promptly locked behind you, so the only way to proceed is through either the door to your left or to your right. Couple that with the strange noises you can hear on either side, and you’ll struggle to stay cool and collected. Will you be able to make your way out and get the bottom of the strange relationship between your two neighbors?

If that’s not quite sinister enough for your tastes, 9-Gateway should be just right. After players discover the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, or Book of the Dead, in an old cellar, dark powers are called forth through the book’s ancient, mystical language. If you don’t manage to escape in time, these powers will possess you and in turn open the gate to the underworld. The only way to survive is to solve a series of puzzles, piecing together the book’s missing pages just in time to flee from the cellar.

Both games are based in ParaPark on Waidmannstraße, just a 20-minute drive from our Park Inn by Radisson Frankfurt Airport Hotel.  It’s €35 each for two people but, as is the case with many room escapes, the price goes down per person as your group size grows, up to a maximum of six players and €20 per game.

Room Escape - The Bomb

Escape Events

Based at Hanauer Landstrasse, Escape Events offer two different scenarios: Biohazard and the Bomb. As you’d expect from the explosive titles, all details are kept hush-hush, so you’ll be entering into the escape room with absolutely no preconceptions. A great choice for big groups, Escape Events can accommodate up to 40 players in their Versus Games, pitting the teams against each other in a race against time. For individual groups, prices start at €35 each for two players, decreasing to €27 per person for the maximum four players.


Based in Trappd on Rudolfstrasse, the venue also has another three scenarios currently under construction. Soon, you’ll be able to follow the same slippery Tony Schwarz to a murky bank robbery in San Diego, California, track down an escaped mental patient in a village on the Baltic Sea, or drift into a nightmare that blends dreams with reality. Prices start at €30 each for two people, decreasing to €20 per person for the maximum six players. The Wolf of Mainhattan escape room sees you transported into a world of crime-noir in Frankfurt’s financial district. Players assume the role of private detective, enlisted by a jealous wife to track down a certain Tony Schwarz who has disappeared in mysterious circumstances

So, whether you want to join friends and escape these mystery boxes, or just watch them do it on the sidelines, stay at Park Inn by Radisson Frankfurt Airport Hotel and enjoy a welcoming stay in Frankfurt.