Taste the world at Oslo’s Food Truck Bonanza

Let’s admit it, we all love food but sometimes going to a restaurant can be a hassle. Well, thanks to Food Truck Bonanza the restaurants now come to us! If you’re a foodie in Oslo then this is the event you can’t miss.

Food trucks are a famous concept all over the world, rolling into town and serving up food. The past year they have begun making their mark in Norway and several of these trucks have now banded together for a big weekend event, aptly named Food Truck Bonanza.

“The goal is to give Oslo what it has been craving for years, but hasn’t been possible to do before now, and that is proper street food and a foodie happening,” explains Bendik Romstad, owner of the “Anne på Landet” food truck.

Let them eat street food

Andreas Henriksen Eivind v. Døhlen Anne på Landet - Take part in Oslo Food Truck Bonanza, each weekend May to autumn, and sample tastes of the world

© Andreas Henriksen / Eivind von Døhlen / Anne på Landet

Romstad is one of the organisers behind the event and together with other trucks, such as 4Gringos, Hitchhiker On Wheels, Lunicó, Ragnalokk and GoGrilla, he’s been hard at work making sure that the weekends from May until “it gets too cold to eat outside” are a foodie’s heaven in Oslo.

“We want to invite the entire city to take to the streets and join us for a culinary party. This would ensure that people can feast on delicious street food for a couple of hours, before each truck takes off again,” Romstad says.

The first event will take place on May 14 and the food trucks can be found in Brenneriveien, where they’ve been welcomed and supported by local businesses. Behind a food truck stands a simple, yet genius philosophy.

“It’s the same concept as a shopping mall or food court. The more providers you can gather in one space, the more people will come,” Romstad says.

More than ripe

Andreas Henriksen GoGrilla - Oslo Food Truck Bonanza is bringing a world of marvelous street food to you, each weekend from May until autumn

© Andreas Henriksen / GoGrilla

If the 7,000 people who signed up to their Facebook event is any indication, the citizens of Norway’s capital are hungering for a real street food party. And let’s face it, there is something special about eating delicious food served from a truck.

“The advantage of a food truck is that it can come to you and you can eat the food with only one one hand. Seeing the chef and watching them prepare your food is an experience in it’s own. It has a much more honest feel to it and there’s no ‘fuss’ involved,” Romstad explains.

We could list all the kinds of food you can sink your teeth in but it would be far too long. Instead you can rest assured that there will be all kinds of flavours available, from Norway’s best tacos, barbecue burgers and sweet potato fries to vegetarian delights and hearty soups.

“This is going to be street food ala Norway. Lots of cars, people, smells, music and a whole lot of fun! I’m certain that no one will leave hungry, simply because you can find whatever you like here,” Romstad says.

If you’re taste buds are ready for a trip around the world then make sure you get a taste of Food Truck Bonanza on your visit to the Norwegian capital. This fantastic foodie fest is only a short bus or train ride away from our Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport Gardermoen Hotel. Are you ready to dig in?

Top image © Andreas Henriksen / GoGrilla