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Tag2Win’s Best in Show

ParkInn’s Tag2Win Instagram competition has been running all year long and we’ve seen some amazing locations, people and photography skills. Along with this, we’ve promoted every Instagrammer who won, on our social media channels. As well as awarding them with a €50 voucher!

Best in Show

It’s also been amazing to see the Tag2Win winners’ profiles grow even bigger. And see wave after wave of lovely comments flooding our Instagram profiles. And with more Park Inn locations opening or renovating – we plan to see plenty more amazing pics in the future.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share our absolute favorite Tag2Win photos here. Whether it was the stunning locations, camera work or a pop of color that made us fall in love with them… they still continue to wow us! Which ones do you like the best?



The proud smile, the location, the BLUE! This picture immediately caught our eyes and we just HAD to pick it as our winner. Better yet, @guessing_inpink had just finished running in the Dubai color run, next to Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City. Meaning we got to see the race for ourselves and actually sponsor it!


Yas! Island


A picture THIS cool needed to win Tag2Win. The coordination of colors and using the Park Inn sun loungers made this a winning combination for us. However, we’ve seen so many beautiful and stylish pictures coming from our Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi Yas IslandEspecially from the pool or the spa.


Stylish Spas


Stylish with a unique location, @dalamm knew how to get our attention. It also proves that you don’t need a sunny day to make a great picture. With the 50 euro voucher, our winner would be able to return to Park Inn by Radisson Hotel and Spa Zalakaros for the perfect spa day!


Pretty in Pariser Platz

@helloflavie won with this beautifully elegant picture from Berlin. It’s also slightly different from most of the pictures we receive, that feature the amazing view from Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz Hotel. Namely, the TV tower that stands in the center of Berlin. Isn’t the Pariser Platz pretty? We love it.


Rose Khutor

This amazing pink hue made by the Russian sunset was enough to give this stunning picture the crown. Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor boasts a fantastic ski resort outside the front doors, as well as a relaxing spa. But sometimes, the other views from around our hotel make it to our Instagram. Especially when they’re as nice as this!


Angelic Angles

Park Inn isn’t just after color and big smiles, sometimes it’s the architecture of and around our hotels that makes us award our guests. Take this picture of Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderpatz Hotel for example; the shapes, the sights, the angles! This is a Tag2Win winner if we’ve ever seen one.


Clementine Skyline

Is that a sunset or did someone place an orange segment over the lens? Incredible! A sunset that beautiful deserves of 50 euro voucher – especially when it’s taken from our hotel. To see this beautiful city for yourself, take a look at our guide to Berlin for inspiration.


Swoon Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a picture-perfect wonder. Naturally warm, beautifully blue and surrounded by snow-topped hills, it’s on everyone’s bucket list. That’s why Park Inn by Radisson Reykjavik Keflavik Airport was placed where it was. Close to the Lagoons… as well as lots of other attractions. All in all, a fantastic picture of an equally fantastic place!


Fiery forecast

A beautiful red sunset, or 99 Luftballons in the sky? Whatever it is, we’re in love with the picture and had to give @mary.knz the voucher! If you’re thinking of going to Berlin, remember to check out the rich night-life, shopping, bars and restaurants too.

Want to be a Tag2Winner?

Tag2Win is here to stay, we just love it too much! This means that every week, you have a chance of being on our social channels, AND winning a voucher. You may even see yourself added to this very blog post. To enter, you simply need to tag #ParkInn and/or @ParkInn in your pictures. They must be tagged and in or around a Park Inn hotel. Lastly, just follow Park Inn on Instagram to see if you’ve won. Winners are revealed every Tuesday, so stay tuned and get snapping!