St. Petersburg for the sweet tooth

Exploring the local cuisine is a big part of travelling somewhere new. If you are among those who always look at the dessert menu first, make sure you keep reading. Russian cuisine has plenty of tasty cakes and pastries to offer for every palate. For the ultimate sweet culinary experience in St. Petersburg, take a look at some of the most popular, tempting delights and our top tips on the array of nice places to try them. It might be wise having a few treats available whilst reading as you’re likely to be tempted by the following:


These thin pancakes are a traditional Russian dish, made from yeast batter, cooked on a hot frying pan. Often confused with French crêpes, these pancakes have their own Russian spin. They have been part of the country’s cuisine for more than a thousand years and were traditionally in connection with religious rituals and festivals. You can get both savory and sweet blinis; the latter is often served with butter, fruit, berries or jam.

russian sweet blinis

Napoleon Cake

This famous Russian cake has been especially popular since the centenary celebration of the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. Its made from several layers of puff pastry and vanilla cream.

russian napoleon cake


This is a cake with a ring of dough and cottage cheese, or tvorog, in the middle. It’s usually made from sweet yeast bread dough and filled with raisins and fruit. You can also have a savory version with onion added to the filling.

russian vatrushka pastry


Syrniki is also a kind of pancake, but much thicker than blinis with the main ingredient being quark, a type of cream cheese. These have been commonly eaten as breakfast and dessert in Russia and Eastern Europe for centuries, served with sour cream, jam, honey or apple sauce.

Syrniki Russian pancakes

Chak Chak

This is the national dish of Tatars and Bashkirs.. It’s made from soft dough and raw eggs, made into small sticks or balls. These are deep-fried and covered in honey, often topped off with dried fruit and nuts.

russian national dish chak chak


This restaurant and confectionery is a great place to go if you crave some sweets. In addition to traditional Russian cakes, Gosti serves tea, ice cream, cup cakes, and cookies with interesting and delicious flavors. The interior is homely, so you can easily spend hours here.

B152 Tearoom

B152 Tearoom is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, surrounded by luxury stores. The interior is light and elegant, mixed with abstract graphic works by local contemporary young artists. Find a rich selection of cakes and sweets, amongst others, lemon tarts and cupcakes.

Tearoom Cherry Cake

Cafe Botanika

This is a vegetarian café serving tasty sweets such as blini, syrniki and sweet cheese pie. The interior is elegant and primitive, and offers, together with the menu, a refreshing change from the usual for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Café Botanika is also a nice place to enjoy the afternoon with your kids.

Botanika sweet blini, Russian pancakes

Enjoy these delicious treats that will make your stomach full and your energy levels peak, so you’re ready to explore the many other things this city has to offer. Stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya with easy access to both the city centre and the airport.