St. Petersburg gets their #AddingColorToLives mural

Adding Color to Lives, the award-winning initiative where Park Inn by Radisson employees connect with local youth at risk came to St Petersburg, Russia. This time the mural project with Joel Bergner was joined by twenty local youth from the social orphanage Tranzit and the youth club Zvezdochka.  Let’s have a look at what they created together!

St Petersburg mural group photo

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The youth club, Zvezdochka is know in St. Petersburg for regularly organizing after-school activities. The majority of the youngsters that attend the youth club are faced with difficult family circumstances and the youth club provides support, psychological help and assistance. Also, the orphanage, Tranzit provides social rehabilitation for youth in difficult situations.

The mural

After an energetic creative workshop with the youth and hotel employees lead by Joel Bergner, the creation process started. What will the mural represent? The wall hosting the mural is 4m high and 50m long.  The mural features local mythology, symbols and story lines.

Joel Bergner St Petersburg mural

Selfie with the St Petersburg mural

Within this colorful mural you will find representations of the Neva river along with views of the local skyline, the sea and space. The octopus with tentacles represents reaching for different dimensions. the left side of the mural represents struggles, while the sea element represents hopes, dreams and space.

Painting the St Petersburg mural

The tower of books represents the aspiration for knowledge. Prominently featured are the heads of a boy and a girl, which actually are project participants. Within the mural, they are looking at each other from different worlds, trying to understand each other.

Boy ready to paint the St Petersburg mural

Astro cat

What does the cat in cosmonaut helmet symbolize? Why a cat? Interestingly enough, cats are a sacred symbol of city of St. Petersburg. You can find many statues around the city, immortalizing these majestic creatures. Cats played a big role in fending off the rat population during the second world war. The city still remembers the good deeds of the cats today. Space is a symbol of aspiration; shooting for the stars and aiming for a successful future.  Here represented as a successful cat.

One Interesting fact is that none of the youth wanted to actually paint in Park Inn t-shirts for fear of getting them dirty. Instead, they wished to keep them clean as a memory and wear in the future. On the last day, all the t-shirts were signed by Joel, leaving an additional memory for the participants on a successful project.

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