Sárvár’s Adventure Park

Perfect for energetic kids – or adventurous adults – Sárvár’s Adventure Park is brimming with fun-filled challenges over land, on sea and up in the trees. It’s just a few minutes away from the town’s legendary hot springs, so once you’ve had your fill of relaxation, check out the park to really get your blood pumping.

‘Relaxation’s great,’ mused the west Hungarian town Sárvár, famous for its two different kinds of healing water, ‘but is it all we can do?’ And lo, Sárvár Adventure Park was built. At least, let’s assume that’s how it happened. The resulting park offers endless opportunities to get in touch with your inner adventurer, whether you’re travelling with children or just channelling your inner child. Sárvár literally translates to ‘mud castle’, a name that gives an ample impression of the park’s hands-on approach to outdoor fun.

Up on high

Four levels of rope courses are available for both adults and children, each one more complex – and higher off the ground – than the last. By the time you reach the advanced course, you’ll be treading gingerly along thin, snaking paths and hopping between suspended logs several metres above the ground. Zip wires take some of the pressure off the course’s test for your sense of balance, leaving you free to enjoy the rush of whistling along at high speeds. Other options include climbing walls, scalable trees and an army-style ‘training garden’. There’s also a more traditional adventure playground, suitable for the child who’s climbed everything else already.

Down to earth (and water)

After walking through the air, you can experience walking on the water – though it’s admittedly not quite as gracefully as it may sound. With the assistance of a giant inflatable sphere called a ‘water ball’, it tends to involve more rolling than walking, but the principle remains the same. Back on dry land, wind down with some more serene attractions, including a herb garden and an educational nature trail. Anyone with energy left to burn can head to the firing range to try out longbow archery, airsoft shooting, or the intriguing and addictive sport of ‘cross throwing’. After an hour or so hurling ninja stars and throwing knives at the target, you’ll leave raring to begin a new career as a vampire hunter.

Team building

If you’re travelling as a family or with a group, put your trust to the test by tackling some of Sárvár’s terrifying group challenges. The obstacle course requires dedicated teamwork to conquer – get ready to do your best impression of a sack of flour while your teammates attempt to hoist you up and over a 10ft wall. In Crate Construction, you’ll compete against a partner to build your own set of climbable columns, while the Courage Trial starts out with a lengthy shimmy up a vertical totem pole and ends in a dizzying trapeze catch. Extensive safety equipment and hard helmets don’t make this any less death-defying – and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

After a day that’s certain to give you new sympathy for Tarzan, you’ll be grateful to know that our Park Inn Sárvár Resort is only minutes from the Adventure Park, so your aching muscles could soon be back soaking in the hot springs of the Wellness Centre and Spa.