Sample traditional Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg

Explore the many exciting flavours of traditional Russian cuisine at one of these reccommened restaurants in St. Petersburg.

While St. Petersburg is a city packed with restaurants offering food from every corner of the world, you might want to try some of the country’s own cuisine. These three Tripadvisor-recommended restaurants have set up menus full of Russian specialties to try. They are all furnished in with classic Russian decor, so you are in for a truly traditional and atmospheric experience.


A visit at Tsar Restaurant is like taking a trip back in time. Dine like the former royalties in sumptuous surroundings, with furniture and decorations originating from the glory days of the Tsars. Here’s a three-course meal recommended by the house.

Tsar restaurant St. Petersburg

Starter – Borsch with veal and Pampushki

Borsch is originally a Ukrainian soup, which the Russians have developed to make their own variation of the dish. The main ingredient is beetroot, together with potato, cabbage, carrots and onions. This dish is served with veal and a garlic pie called Pampushki.

Borsch with veal and Pampushki

Main dish – Beef Stroganoff

A tasty dish, known across the world, of sautéed beef in cream sauce, often served with sour cream called Smetana. Here, it’s garnished with fried potatoes and tomatoes.

Beef Stroganoff

Dessert – Sour cream cake

The Russians make different variations of sour cream cake, often called Smetannik. This is a fresh version, made with sweet berries.

Russian desert sour cream cake

Russkaya Ryumochnaya No. 1

Russkaya Ryumochnaya No.1 aims to make your visit as peaceful and memorable as possible. This is a unique restaurant, both when it comes to interior and on the plate. For an alternative Russian experience, this three-course menu may be for you.

Russkaya Ryumochnaya No. 1

Starter – Kasha

Kasha is a bowl of stewed buckwheat, which has been a gastronomic favourite of the Slavs for many centuries. It’s prepared in a low heat oven for a unique taste and texture. At Russkaya Ryumochnaya No. 1, it’s served with porcini mushrooms and chicken hearts.

Russian starter Kasha

Main dish – Reindeer tongue

Throughout the culinary history of Russia reindeer tongue has been a delicacy of hunters, and is this restaurant’s specialty. It is simmered on a low heat in the oven for several hours, and it is this cooking style that  gives the dish its unmatched flavour.

Russian Reindeer tongue

Dessert – Sweet Blinis

This is another true Slavic dish with a rich history.. They are prepared with yeast to make them deliciously fluffy. Served with sour cream, linden honey, varenie (a traditional berry jam) and a mixture of apples, raisins and cinnamon, this is the perfect dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sweet Blinis Russian pancakes


The food at Severyanin demonstrates local culinary tradition of the late 19th century, yet modernised by the chef. The interior is also inspired by pre-revolutionary times, and is complemented by the same style of music on Fridays and on monthly poetry nights. Try their recommended three-course meal.

Severyanin restaurant in St. Petersburg interior

Starter – Homemade venison carpaccio

Even though it’s called carpaccio, it bears no similarity to the Italian cuisine. Locally, this dish is called  Stroganina, which mean sliced in thin pieces, and it’s very typical for the north of the country.

Russian starter Severyanin

Main dish – Farmer’s quail

Try free-range quail sourced from a farm in the restaurant’s local area. A fresh and tasty dish served with turnip and apples.

Farmers quail

Dessert – Yellow Buckthorn Berry Cream Deluxe

For a spectacular ending to your night try the Yellow Buckthorn Berry Cream Deluxe, served with real alder chips. This dessert is flambéed at your table and very popular at Severyanin Restaurant.

Yellow Buckthorn Berry Cream Deluxe

Pick your favourite restaurant and menu or maybe visit all three of them. Either way, your taste buds will dance of joy from the interesting flavours of this local cuisine. Stay at Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya, conveniently located near the city centre and airport. If you crave some international food in between all the Russian dishes, visit the choice of restaurants at the hotel, including the Bavarian-themed Paulaner Restaurant.