Running Through History in Linz

Push your own limits and experience the historical city of Linz all at once. The Linz Marathon is a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

The old city of Linz is a cultural mecca and visited every year by many arts and history enthusiasts. It truly is a magical place to visit where you can spend hours soaking up the atmosphere. There is, however, a very different and exciting way to explore Linz and that is by challenging yourself to take part in the Linz Marathon, making for a fantastic weekend and festival atmosphere.

A Great Way to see the City

Next to the Vienna Marathon, Linz Marathon is the second largest in Austria and has been running in April each year since 2002, no pun intended.  The starting line is on the city’s iconic six-lane Vöest Bridge, one of three that cross the Danube in Linz. It is a spectacular sight as onlookers watch the bridge fill up with a colourful sea of athletes. There is an incredible feeling amongst those within the pack, sensing the atmosphere build, waiting for the starter pistol to announce the beginning of the race.  The route takes runners around the city limits, leading into the city centre to the finishing line and into the main city square, Hauptplatz.

Linz City

The full marathon is not the only event drawing competitors here during this April weekend. You can also register for the half, quarter or relay marathon. For the kids there is a junior marathon and for those who are not as keen on running as a pastime, then try an event with a difference. Take part in the handbike or inline skaters’ half marathon, though be warned, these events are definitely not as easy as they sound.

Soak up the Atmosphere at TipsArena

Due to the variety of events on offer and the high volume of competitors, with 15,000 registering each year, the organisers have had to be adaptable to its growth. As a result the marathon now has a new home at TipsArena, the sports arena at the heart of the community. This is the base for participants to sign up and collect their starting packs. It is also home to the Marathon Expo, where all the action takes place and the festival environment is in full swing. The expo is a marathon trade fair with many of the world’s sporting brand names represented, including Asics, Adidas and Nike and much more.  It is also where every full marathon runner can enjoy their free massage, a well-deserved treat.

Marathon runners

Perhaps the highlight after the main event is the Pasta Party, held at the expo. Open and serving pasta and refreshments throughout the weekend, it is accompanied with events and music to create great vibe.

Something for all Involved

The marathon is not just an event for participants, but their trainers, families and friends that accompany them, and provide the invaluable moral support. Spectators not only spur on the runners, but can also take part in the celebrations, concerts and other happenings on the busy weekend program.

The Park Inn by Radisson Linz Hotel is located in the heart of the city and places both spectators and athletes with convenient access to TipsArena, and the finishing line. It is the perfect solution offering comfortable rooms to rest your weary body after competing in whichever race you have chosen.

If you are a regular marathon runner or an active person looking for a challenge, then Linz is the place to visit. Whilst in the city, make sure to add on time to have a look around and soak up the historic sights, especially the Old Town, and experience local culture and cuisine. For those who feel a marathon is not challenging enough, then why not try the Linz Triathlon which takes place in May?