3 steps to the most instagrammable breakfast shot

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – we’ve heard it all before, but now the statement is gaining validity in a different context. Breakfast is becoming as vital online as it is offline. Think about it – If you could photograph just one meal today – which would it be? Needless to say, the answer is breakfast. Why? Well, the reasons are numerous. One being that if your dream is to become Insta-famous, then shooting breakfast and travels is the fastest way to reach your goal. Luckily, at Park Inn by Radisson, you can do both!

Breakfast in bed at Park Inn Nevsky

© Instagram / @seta_tigra

Getting the grand Instagrammable breakfast shot isn’t always easy. Some would even call it an art. That’s why we’ve created a recipe for social success. At Park Inn by Radisson, we present a buffet so photogenic that all you’ll need to stockpile likes is to follow the steps below:

1. Choose your colors wisely

A bright breakfast is of the essence. No one wants to look at a boring bowl of brown porridge. Whether you’re into yellow yolk or blueberries, focus on creating an appealing palette of colors on your plate. If you spot blooming plants or flowers in the room, don’t be shy – move them to your table. To perfect the scenery, pick the funky-colored furniture and crazy-colored cutlery.

Instagram breakfast by frejaswinther

© Instagram / @frejaswinther

2. Spice up your shot with a great glow!

Some would argue that Instagrammable breakfast shots comes with the glory of morning light. It’s the way rays slip through the cracks and caress your dish. The soft shade that doesn’t need a filter. The sun greeting the day, reassuringly. And it`s the smell of possibility. To accomplish this feeling, move your meal to the window. Draw the curtains and greet the light. In case you’re having breakfast in December, in Norway, bring your meal close to Christmas or candle lights for a similar glowing effect.

Instagram breakfast by kate_morozova at PI Nevsky

© Instagram / @kate_morozova

Instagrammable Breakfast at Park Inn

3. In the mood for love

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone is enthusiastic about photo-documenting every meal – not even breakfast. If you’re planning to have breakfast with this type of person, it’s crucial to respect their desire to live in the real world. They’ll want to eat immediately without showing any interest in your Insta-fame. If you don’t let them, the napkin will be wet with tears, the shot will be shaky, and the rest of the day will be ruined. Here are a few ways to prevent disaster:

Instagrammable breakfast at Park Inn Malmo breakfast

© Instagram / @melikhovalook

  • Arrive early and order the meal you’d like to capture. Take your time, no one will stress you.
  • Tell your companion that breakfast is on you, if they let you immortalise it first.
  • Dine alone.
  • Share your Instagrammable breakfast on Instagram with #ParkInn!