Meetings as individual as you are

Meetings & Events are mostly part of the daily business life. In order to delight guests, our Park Inn by Radisson hotels try everything possible to put a smile on their guest’s faces. Over the years the hotels have helped to make meetings as individual as you are. We’d like to share our 3 favorite examples with you. So sit back, relax and let us inspire you for your next meeting.

1. Matching light and treatments

At the Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz events are an unforgettable experience. With its unique architecture, its iconic location in the heart of the city and its professional staff, the hotel guarantees every meeting and event to be a success. One day a sweets manufacturer wanted to hold a product presentation at the hotel in Berlin, more precisely at the event location “Panorama 37”. The hotel staff not only changed the light setting of the “Panorama 37” so it matched the color of the client’s company, but also prepared a little sweet treatment in the meeting rooms with the respective sweets. The client was more than happy, as the team in Berlin did not only fulfill all his requests but also surprised everyone with the sweet surprise.

Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz

2. Flexibility is everything

The team at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Munich is probably one of the most flexible ones. While one of their important clients was in the middle of a meeting at their headquarters, construction workers found a 125kg American aerial bomb in an industrial area close to the office. Almost 6.000 persons had to be evacuated. The clients called the hotel. Since all meeting rooms were fully booked, the staff offered the restaurant as meeting location. The guests have been delighted by this idea and took off to the hotel. Within 15 minutes the restaurant was prepared for the meeting. The clients arrived and were super happy that the Park Inn by Radisson team in Munich helped to defuse this emergency situation.


3. A slightly different coffee break

Each year the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Ostrava organizes a sales blitz with their key accounts and VIP clients. In May this year, the hotel decided to visit senior doctors and nurses in the municipal hospital in Ostrava. The team wanted to show how much they appreciate them as clients and simply to say “Thank You” for their trust and loyalty. So the sales team surprised their clients with homemade blueberry muffins and a joint coffee break at the hospital. Doctors, medics, and nurses were delighted and amazed at the same time.

Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Ostrava Food