Local experience: Danish bread and pastries at Park Inn by Radisson

You know that focusing on local, fresh and seasonal produce assures a unique cultural experience for you and your taste buds. Understanding where your food comes from gives the experience more credibility and trust. Here, let’s take a look at the journey and story of these danish bread and pastries, before they even reach your plate. Breakfast at Park Inn will take you up close and personal to your favorite morning meal.

The food you enjoy while traveling should reflect the country and culture you’re in, and give you a delicious taste of tradition. Our aim is that every bite into a bun, every sip of freshly squeezed juice and every whiff of fresh coffee, should be your first introduction to the city you are about to explore. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, when in Berlin, be ein Berliner and when in Denmark, enjoy a Danish. Get the full Danish experience when you stay at Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport!


Breakfast pastry

Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport is doing things a little differently these days. We’ve added a bit more color to the breakfast buffet. You’re invited to a delicious and vibrant morning meal with healthy options and a little bit of Danish tradition.

Warm breakfast at Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport

The breakfast was the highlight of the stay! Masses of choice from 5 different juices alone, to coffee machines full of options, a variety of tea bags, masses of bread and rolls to choose, hot breakfast, pastries, hams, cheeses, yoghurt, fruit , pancakes. The choice was brilliant… -Jessica S, TripAdvisor”

What’s more Danish than a Danish? The close relationship with the local bakery ensures a genuine taste of Denmark with freshly baked breads and pastries. Baked in the old fashioned, traditional and ecological way, we guarantee a mouthwatering breakfast experience that will get your day started off right.

Park Inn breakfast pastry

Alongside the scrumptious morning sweets, you also won’t believe the bread you find on your plate! Baked in accordance with the true Danish sourdough standard, these freshly baked delights will melt in your mouth like butter on warm bread.

These freshly baked delights will melt in your mouth like butter on warm bread.

With a hotel breakfast buffet that looks more like a countryside kitchen, it’s hard to believe there’s a vibrant Danish capital city waiting for you just outside the doors.

Breakfast Bread selection

The close relationship between the hotel and the bakery has been cultivated through mutual appreciation of quality and organic products. Based on regular consultation with the bakery, our head chef Damian Zaleuski handpicks the very best breads and pastries with love and careful consideration each morning.

Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport Breaking bread

So, the next time you’re in Denmark, come break bread with us at Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport!