Travel and enjoy local cheese for breakfast to get the full experience

At Park Inn by Radisson we cater to all your breakfast needs, no matter how cheesy they are. To ensure a thoroughly local and dairylicious experience, we offer a number of locally sourced cheeses for breakfast. We know there are two types of people in this world; those who love cheese and those who can’t even, but we like to think we have something for everyone. No two cheeses are the same. They can be runny or firm, smelly or anonymous, old or young, imported or local, and you should try them all at Park Inn by Radisson.

Say cheese when trying local cheese for breakfast

Much like coffee, cheese seems to be an acquired taste one needs to ease into. Just like you should never start your coffee drinking career with a double espresso, you shouldn’t begin your cheese journey with a well-aged Stilton. Advice to all beginners, start light, ask questions, prepare for set-backs, and learn as you go. Begin by going local. Have some local cheese for breakfast on your next trip!


We camembert fakes

Greece has Feta, England has Stilton and Italy has Mozzarella. While they can all be found all over the world, nothing beats the authentic, local version. There’s also an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, a statue of Liberty in Paris and a Sydney Harbor Bridge in Beijing, but let’s not pretend they can compete with the originals. Always go to the source for the real experience.

Brie cheese

Go local when having cheese for breakfast

True authenticity always tastes better, but it’s more than a local taste, it’s also local customs. In France, they bake their camembert with herbs and garlic for a runny, and absolutely sinful experience. In Denmark, they enjoy mixing the sweet with the salty for breakfast, by combining a slice of cheese with jam on toast. Meanwhile, in America, they have perfected the tasteful art of grilled cheese sandwiches – perfect as a breakfast on the go.

Local cheese for breakfast

For those who already love cheese and can’t get enough, you’ll be happy to hear that Park Inn by Radisson is upping the ante with more local and delicious cheese for breakfast, so you can taste authentic delicacies. Always happy to help, should you have any questions about specific cheesy delectables, please hit us up on Twitter @parkinn.


Cheese out!