#Innsider’s guide to York

The medieval City of York in the north of England is famous for its historic walls, cobbled streets and the impressive Minster which dominates the skyline. A variety of attractions and sights await you in York. So here are our #Innsider tips to make the most of your visit.

Minster York building


The term Snickelways originates from the book A Walk Around the Snickleways of York, by the author Mark W. Jones.  A Snickelway is typically a short narrow path in between two buildings. There are around 50 of these to be found in the city. And walking them all will not only give you a fantastic way of exploring your new surroundings. However it will help you get your bearings. Look out for some of the oddly named Snickelways including Mad Alice Lane, Hole-in-the-wall and Lady Peckett’s Yard.

Lady Pecketts Snickelway York

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Scare yourself silly

York’s rich history comes with a fair share of grim tales and urban legends that make the ghost walks in York an absolute must do, if you have the stomach for it! There are many walks to choose from. One of the longest established and most popular leaves from The King’s Arms Pub at 8pm. Be there and be scared!

Beware of Ghosts sign

Get lost!

On the outskirts of York is an attraction which only opens for eight weeks each summer. The York Maze will have you scratching your head as your try to navigate over five miles of pathways. Each year the attraction is themed. In 2019 the maze is cut in to the shape of Dinosaurs celebrating Jurassic Park.  Stay tuned to find out what this year’s a-maze-ing design is going to be.

Chocolate Journey

York is often described as the chocolate city. Since it is formerly the location of Terry’s chocolate factory, where the famous Chocolate Orange was made. The York’s Chocolate Story will fill you up with knowledge and make you hungry to try some chocolate. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you can do!

A place to stay

Our Park Inn by Radisson York City Center, is conveniently located in the city center. It only takes a short walk to the shops, the train station and of course all the bars and restaurants you could ever need! So why not book a stay with us and experience the city? Visit our blogs for more tips and guides to York!

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