#Innsider’s guide: things to do in Stockholm

Sweden’s capital city, fragmented across 14 individual islands, is rich with history and culture, as well as being one of the most technologically-advanced in the world. This combination makes it one of Scandinavia’s must-see destinations. Whether you have a few days to explore or you’re just jetting in for business, check out our #Innsider’s guide on things to do in Stockholm to get the most out of your stay.


1. A view of the city

To take in views of the city, visitors’ first stop should be the Kaknästornet. Stockholm’s answer to Berlin’s TV tower (but not quite as tall), the Kaknäs tower is the hub for all of Sweden’s telecommunications. From the observation deck, the city center sprawls out to the west, with the archipelago spilling out to the east. Stockholm’s communications spreads deep underground too, with the city boasting one of the best fiber optic networks in the world.

Stockholm view

2. Island hopping

Island hopping is usually associated with trips to Southeast Asia or the Adriatic Sea, but visitors to Stockholm should try it out Swedish-style. Take a day to jump about between some of the 30,000 different islands and embrace the crisp, Baltic Sea air. Adventurous hoppers power themselves between islands on kayaks, but there are plenty of boats too. However you decide to go, don’t forget to pack for all weather conditions!

Stockholm Archipelago

© gula08 / CC BY

3. A traditional ’krog’

Back in the center and it’s time to head to a ’krog’, a traditional restaurant, for a spot of food. Serving up delights since 1733, the Pelikan Restaurang has a varied menu, with everything from meatballs to grilled reindeer! Eating out in Stockholm is a little pricey, with main courses typically around €20, but the welcoming atmosphere of this old building makes it well worth the trip.

Stockholm Pelikan restaurant

© Pelikan

4. World famous design

Modern design is arguably Sweden’s greatest export and in a city full of galleries it can be hard to choose where to head. The Designgalleriet has a varied curation taking in everything from interior to industrial design, and refreshes every month. Entrance is free so take a trip to learn a little about the neat aesthetics of Scandinavian design.

Stockholm design

© Designgalleriet

5. Ping pong

After a long day stomping around the city, head to the Söder district and unwind with a drink at one of Stockholm’s trendy bars. Challenge your travel companions to a game of table tennis at Morfar Ginko and if you’re there at the weekend, catch local DJs spinning tunes in the basement club. Visitors in the summer months can take a breather in the bar’s fantastic courtyard.

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