#Innsider’s guide to Reykjavík

Revel in Reykjavík

Tucked away on the western coast of Iceland, Reykjavík is full of great things to do and experience. Whilst the region may be known for its volcanic activity, dramatic geysers and natural hot springs, our crack team of #Innsiders have uncovered some of the lesser-known, must-do activities in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Discover these things to do in Reykjavik with us now!

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The Blue Lagoon Spa

Experiencing Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Spa is truly Nordic experience that any seasoned traveler must try in their life. And let’s be honest, it will look great on your Instagram as well…  These milky blue pools are located just a short drive from the Keflavik Rejkjavik airport and Park Inn by Radisson Keflavik Airport. It’s a perfect thing to do if you have a one-night stop over in Iceland or you are just finishing a nature trek and need a bit of R&R before you depart the island. We recommend visiting the Spa just before sunset for the most colorful and picturesque experience. Check here for more details about the Blue Lagoon Spa.

Where am I?

While it’s internationally recognized that both Iceland and Reykjavik are part of Europe, a short drive to Silfra, a fissure in Thingvellir National Park, provides #innsiders the chance to be in both Europe and North America simultaneously. How is this possible? Well, the fissure sits upon the spot where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, so take advantage of the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and swim across the continents in clear blue water!

things to do in Reykjavik - a fissure in the Thingvellir National Park in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Film Club

Wanting to learn more about this wonderful city’s history and nature? #Innsider’s should take a trip down to the Old Harbour Village and visit Cinema No.2. This unique cinema is in the loft of an old harbor dwelling, where fisherman used to mend their nets, tar their boats and salt their fish. The cinema showcases local and national Icelandic films and retains an atmosphere of the past as the sea air lingers. The venue offers affordable meal and film packages, with traditional Icelandic food served.

For more information visit: http://www.thecinema.is/

Rock ‘n’ Roll

After a day of exploring Reykjavik’s cultural and architectural sights, a night out to let your hair down is high on the agenda. The city has lots of cool bars to dance the night away, but #innsiders should make it a priority to visit Gamli Gaukurinn , the oldest pub in Iceland. Known for its wild nights, this venue is Iceland’s leading rock venue, hosting bands throughout the year. When you arrive, make sure to ask for a shot of Iceland’s traditional chaser, Brennvin schnapps, the locals will take to you in no time!

things to do in Reykjavik - view from above, Reykjavik. Houses, church and the sea at the background.

Culture vulture

For those #innsiders looking to immerse themselves in more local culture, a stop at Hannesarholt is a must. This building is the historic home of the late Hannes Hafstein, Iceland’s first Minister of State and a beloved poet. The house features numerous talks, lectures and tours for visitors to discover Reykjavik’s past. For music lovers, there is a matinee concert of Icelandic live music every Monday at 5pm, whilst foodies can take advantage of the Hannersarholt restaurant which is one of the best in the city for modern Icelandic cuisine.

things to do in Reykjavik - the statue of the former prime minister Hannes Hafstein in front of his home.

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