Innsider’s guide to Prague

Prague is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rich with culture and with fantastic nightlife, what’s not to like about the Czech Republic’s first city? Check out some of our #Innsider tips to make your stay one to remember.

Prague Charles bridge

Beat the rush

#Innsiders don’t normally do tourist-traps but Charles Bridge really is worth checking out, especially if you are visting the city. Avoid peak times during the day and take a stroll in the early morning or at dusk when it’s not only quieter but at its most romantic too.

Catch some Jazz

You might associate the Czech Republic with classical music (did you know Mozart penned Don Giovanni whilst visiting Prague?) but one of the country’s first loves is jazz and Prague is home to countless jazz clubs. #Innsiders are spoiled for choice with bars and clubs hosting live acts, musicians and singers. From cellar bars to more up-market establishments, click here for a list of suggestions of bars to visit.

Watch the world go by

Café culture is at the heart of Prague life and there is nothing more relaxing than kicking back at one of the city’s cafes with a book, or with a friend to watch the world go by. If you like your coffee with a dash of art, head to the Grand Café Orient. The café is situated in a building dedicated to cubism, with furniture, pottery and décor all influenced by the cubist style. For a more modern experience, try Cukrkavalimonada which means Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade. Situated within easy reach of the Charles Bridge, it boasts its own in-house confectioner (and cakes to die for!).

Pick up a Pivo

A visit to Prague would not be right without sampling Pivo or ‘liquid bread’ as the locals like to call beer. Take in the views from Hradčany and head to a beer tavern to sample some of Prague’s fine local lager. For an upmarket experience try The Strahov Monastic Brewery, it has a brewery on-site and a beer menu which changes with the seasons. If you are feeling adventurous, check out Pivovarský dům

A microbrewery which serves a vast range of beers including unusual flavours, including coffee, sour-cherry, nettle, banana, or speciality, ‘Šamp’, a beer-champagne. It might be wise to grab something to eat from their traditional Czech menu too.  If that’s not enough, there are also several Beer Spas which where you can literally bathe in beer. In the old town there are Beer spa Bernard and Pivní Lázně as well as beer baths other spa treatments are available.

Park Inn Hotel Prague exterior



Where to stay

The Park Inn Hotel Prague is situated close to the Castle district and conference centre and a short tram ride away from the city centre. Dating back to 1907 the art deco building is surrounded by ancient courtyards and cobbled streets. With over 200 modern rooms and free wireless internet throughout, the Park Inn Hotel Prague is the perfect place to set off from for a whirlwind tour of Prague. And don’t forget the buzzing RBG Bar & Grill which we think serves the best steaks in Prague.