How to get jiggy with your favorite bands in Sweden

Looking for your favorite band or to discover new sounds when in Uppsala? Gigguide has a comprehensive list of gigs across Sweden to make sure you never miss out.

We all need a little tune or two now and then and it is impossible to know about all the gigs going on in a particular city. Or is it? After checking out gigguide.se it seems they have a pretty serious overview of all things giggy in the city. So, if you are in Uppsala and want to forgo your headphones for a night and listen to live music at its best, then gigguide is your first stop.

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We spoke with Linnea at gigguide to find out how their little team manages to be so in-the-know when it comes to big bands and underground artists playing in the city. So why would someone make such a website and how does it benefit you?

What brought gigguide to life?

“My friend Stefan started gigguide.se six years ago when he realized that he had missed a concert with one of his favorite bands.” – Linnea

These guys saw that there was something missing in the music market and made a difference. Now you have access to a comprehensive list of concerts and shows in Uppsala and across Sweden.

How do you manage to find all these intimate gigs?

Gigguide photo of Eilen Jewell at Katalin Uppsala

© Linnea Gigguide/Eilen Jewell at Katalin

Linnea tells us that, “the website uses ‘spiders’ that automatically collect data about live gigs in Sweden. [They] collect most of the gigs from the ticket vendor’s webpages, but also from Last.FM, Facebook, and the venues themselves”.

But most importantly the team has “a loyal fan base that submits gigs [the website] has missed”. This way no stone goes unturned.

Why do people love the guide?

 Band Shout Out Louds performs on stage from Sweden

© Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com

“People love gigguide because we love music, we have a passion about finding the small, unknown artists, and promoting the concerts that deserve promotion.” – Linnea

One of the best things about the website is they have a dedicated team who really want you to be able to find that perfect concert or jamming session.

So, if you are in Uppsala and are looking for something to do or have an itching to tap your feet to an unknown beat, have this website at the ready. There are a number of concert halls and music caves across the city. Watch out for those playing at Bistro Hijazz and Katalin, just meters from your comfy room at Park Inn by Radisson Uppsala. If you are having troubles navigating the Swedish, then send a quick email to the team at gigguide and they are sure to help you out.