How to create strong relations and happy communities

At Park Inn by Radisson, we believe in strong communities for a better world, and that’s why we are happy to announce our global partnership with SOS Children’s Villages – providing food, shelter and a brighter future to children and at-risk youth. Strong relations make for happy and thriving communities, so read on to discover how we plan to achieve this with your help.

At the local level

Based in over 135 countries with 500 villages, SOS Children’s Villages helps at a local level to establish strong communities by supporting children in need. Changing the world starts with changing lives, and this is best accomplished by reaching out to people at a local level at building long term relationships.

SOS Children's Villages

From buying local produce to supporting at-risk youth locally, Park Inn by Radisson is all about the local approach. For Community Action Month, we aim to create special local dishes at our restaurants and donate the proceeds to the local SOS Children’s Villages chapter.

The bigger picture

As strong believers of making every moment matter, we see every moment as an opportunity to make a difference. Previous initiatives have included greener approaches to energy and water consumption, as well as painting beautiful murals in local communities with at-risk youths.

SOS Children's Villages children reading

Just as every moment is an opportunity, every person is part of a bigger picture. Each and every individual holds the power to make a change, and we encourage everyone to take a closer look in order to understand the greater story and their part in it.

In it together

While understanding the importance of local outreach for a larger impact, this worldwide initiative aims to bring us all closer together. 1 in 10 children grow up without parents and that is one too many. Therefore, we encourage you to help us spread the word.

SOS Children's Villages shy girl

#NoChildAlone shines a light on the issue and helps educate the masses on the cause. Stay with Park Inn by Radisson on your next trip or visit your local one for a dinner and help us, help others.