Getting creative in Tallinn’s Telliskivi City

Get creative in Tallinn, in the Creative City Telliskivi. Surround yourself with cool shops, electric events, delicious food and the friendliest people.

Be creative in Tallinn

Tallinn is anything and everything you want it to be. If you want a tasty trip, an artistic stay or alternative holiday then step into Tallinn’s mini-Tallinn, Telliskivi Creative City. Over 700,000 visitors make their way to this independent business hub tucked into the Estonian capital each year, and we are pretty sure that those 700,000 left with smiles, souvenirs and great memories. This is a place that fosters creative minds, where tenants are responsible for designing their own spaces and business is all about art. On every corner, you will find a picture to ponder or mural to marvel and your day promises to be colorful. Here is what you can experience in this city of all cities. Get ready to be creative in Tallinn.

Tallinn Guide -Telliskivi creative city wall in the street with a mural of dogs and a girl in Tallinn

A foodie heaven

Within the walls of this artsy city, there are no boundaries to the types of food you can enjoy. Looking for a cool atmosphere to follow through with the mood of the city? Head to F-hoone and enjoy a cafeteria-style experience. Frenchy has the best picks of cheese, wine and have delicious food. Try completely gluten-free cuisine at Kivi Paber Käärid or pop open an exotic beer from the incredible selection at Pudel Bar. No matter which door you head into, you are sure to be surprised and satisfied.

Tallinn Guide -Telliskivi creative city restaurant with graphics on wall in Tallinn

© Aron Urb / www.orants.ee

Artsy events and fun festivals

The city hosts over 300 events annually including the Social Dancing Weekend in February, Tallinn Street Food Festival in the summer, the Flea Market Festival in August and Telliskivi Birthday Week in April. Nestled in between these big events on the calendar, you will find a delightful list of dances, performances, concerts, exhibitions and more.

Tallinn Guide -Telliskivi creative city artists putting on a show in Tallinn

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Relax, shop and find your fashion

Tallinn’s creative city boasts designer brands, artsy knick-knacks and everything in between Vintage Chic and interior design. There is a massage parlor, exotic musical instruments, designer bikes and an intensely cool photolab where you can buy something to add a touch of Tallinn to your living space. Grab some cool items to take back home with you or just come for a peek!

Tallinn Guide - Telliskivi creative city store with clothes and woodwork in Tallinn

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What’s next?

So, you are here in the next couple of months and want to know what Telliskivi has to offer. Here are the upcoming events you may be able to catch. Check out the calendar of events!

Tallinn Guide -Telliskivi creative city pop up bar serving drinks in Tallinn

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If you aren’t planning in advance then not to worry. There is a live concert every week at Kivi Paber Käärid and the ‘Club of Different Rooms’ holds plays, conferences and special events year round. If you are a little unsure of what is happening in the city during your visit (or haven’t had time to brush up on your Estonian) then ask the friendly staff at Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn and you won’t have to miss out!