Get glowing skin with gold

Gold is the ultimate symbol of status. For centuries, people have adorned themselves with gold to symbolize wealth and luxury. Its been rumored that Cleopatra used gold on her skin to maintain her beauty.

Though not scientifically proven, gold facials leave the skin looking as if you were ‘lit-from-within’. Celebrities have been known to get gold facials regularly for its anti-aging purposes. The gold dissolves on the skin’s surface allowing it to reflect light. The effect is instant glowing skin. Who wouldn’t want to look like a million dollars? Gold particles will penetrate into the skin’s layers and protect against fine lines, age spots, and even provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Don’t worry about looking like a walking Midas touch gold-plated doll! The gold facial package used in Park Inn Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn uses a diamond powder peel and followed by a peel-off gold mask. You will leave with glowing skin that is perfect for walking the red carpet!

You might be a bit skeptical, but give it a try. Make a whole day at the spa and indulge yourself with a spa-cation. Your skin will love you for it! Spring is a time for new life, so give your skin some much deserved attention.

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Glowing celebrity skin may seem like it would cost a fortune but  Park Inn Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn is offering the gold facial for only 85€ promotion! They call the gold facial an “elixir of beauty and youth” so you know you’ll be treated like a celebrity while you’re there.