Future, past and present in Linz

The cultural town of Linz is an international centre where new technologies blend with art, culture and history to form a powerful symbiosis. This makes for an amazing museum culture.

This beautiful Austrian city was the European Capital of Culture in 2009, and is still focusing on great experiences. It is packed with a huge variety of exciting, interesting and educational museums. If you are planning your trip to this Upper Austrian capital, don’t miss out on the variety of exhibitions characteristic for this region.

Here are five great cultural suggestions:

1. The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter

When looking for events here make sure you check out the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. This new zone is placed right in the heart of the city, and gives space to a variety of experimental regional culture together with international art and different festivals.

For art lovers there is always something new and interesting to see in the galleries and studios. The website has a detailed program on all exhibitions and events at the Culture Quarter.

2. Linz Castle and Museum

If you are interested to learn more about Austrian art and cultural history, this is the place to go. The most important objects relating to the history of Upper Austria are shown in the renaissance building of the Linz castle. It contains permanent exhibitions of art from the Middle Ages to the present day, historical weapons and musical instruments, coins, folklore and technical history.

A visit here is like travelling back in time, and it is a long journey. The castle was first documented in 799. It was rebuilt in 1477 by Emperor Friedrich the third. Remains of the original defensive walls, the bastions and the west entrance still exist today. The castle has expanded over the years, and even served as a military hospital during the Napoleonic Wars. It was unfortunately also here the great city fire of 1800 broke out, destroying a lot of the historic construction. Throughout time it has also functioned as a provincial prison and barracks. Later the fortress was rebuilt and restored at the Upper Austrian Castle Museum.

3. Lentos Art Museum

The Lentos Art Museum is one the most important museums of modern art in Austria. Although it is packed with exciting exhibitions inside, take some time to discover the intriguing 130 metre long façade. The creation, made by Zurich Architects Weber & Hofer, is art in its own right, with transparent glass casing, which is attractively lit at night. This fascinating building and its contents provides Linz with an urban art museum of international standards. It makes a good visit for cultural enthusiasts as well as newbies to the artistic world. There is always something fun, exciting and strange to discover here. Let your fantasy flow and open your mind to some of the world’s greatest modern artists.

4. Upper Austrian Literature Museum in StifterHaus

If you are interested in literature, the StifterHaus might right up your alley. The Centre for Literature and Language of Upper Austria is an umbrella concept. It brings together the Adalbert Stifter Institute with the House of Literatures’ research facilities in literature and language. Both are now situated in the former house of writer and artist Adalbert Stifter (1805-1868), which in reality also makes it a museum. Here you find all sorts of literary delights, events and exhibitions.

5. Ars Electronica Center

If you don’t have time to visits all that many museums and have to prioritize, this is the museum to visit. The Ars Electronica Center is a modern and quite different museum. It is like a science museum, where you can experiment and explore. It assembles and presents influences from many different ways of thinking and seeing the world we live in. Several exhibitions are running simultaneously, with the permanents exhibit ‘New Views of Humankind as the core programme. It examines how human beings and our world have changed over the centuries. Learn about how we influence our environment, and how our world might be in the future.

If you are in Linz around 4th – 8th September be sure to visit the 2014 Ars Electronica Festival. This year’s theme is ‘C… what it takes to change’, with focus on art as a catalyst for change. It will be presented by speeches, artistic installations, performances and interventions in multiple locations throughout the city.

There is always something happening in the country’s third largest city. This is the perfect place to take in the idyllic Austrian atmosphere, stroll down beautiful streets and take in the characteristic architecture of buildings and town squares. Bring your coffee to go, and use the day to visit some of our times best museums. Get to know the city, country and culture while having fun and exploring.  If you’re looking for accommodation in Linz, the Park Inn by Radisson Linz Hotel is ideal situated on the border of the historic Old Town, with proximity to the main pedestrian area, Landstraße and the city’s museums.

Which Linz museum would you most like to see?