FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix 2014

The Worlds Fastest Race


What is so important about driving faster than anyone else?

Like a predator waiting for the moment to strike, the cars kick off at a blinding speed. Such an astonishing display of machine power, you can’t help but be completely transfixed.  The hairs on your arms stand up as the engines of over 20 super cars roar through the air like a pack of hungry lions. Sparks fly through the air, smoke pummeling out of the tires, and like fighter jets they do mind-blowing maneuvers to stay in pole position. You just can’t believe what you are seeing as the cars blast by you, leaving you awestruck at the overwhelming power and speed of these majestic machines.

A marvel of masterful engineering, each car is absolutely perfect. The aerodynamics, the engine, the tires, the body, even the steering wheel is made with one thought in mind – to win. To win fast.

As the race progresses and gets exceedingly more exciting, the driver throws the car into the fast lane at the very last moment, going into the pit. He needs new tires, as details like tire-wear could mean the difference between winning and losing. He has absolutely no time to lose, as he sees his competitor explode past him. This has to go fast, and every millisecond counts. Failure is not an option.

Like a swarm of angry bees, the pit crew covers the car to change wheels, adjust mirrors and the car body, and clean the driver’s visor. All of this can be done in an impossible time of 2.05 seconds. Making the impossible, possible, it is like poetry in motion.

Who will win, who will prevail, who has what it takes? The cars speed past each other. Drivers fighting for the position. The crowd and crew alike are standing on their feet. The speed and sound is just ridiculous. It’s a battle between drivers, determined to win, to be the best. They have to know when is the moment to be aggressive, the moment to be calculated, the moment to give everything they have.. All or nothing. They are here to win- to be number one.

Two cars battle it out, leading up to the finish line. It’s thrillingly close, and impossible to know who will win. One last turn, and one of the drivers throws his car in a death defying move to secure pole position. As he passes the finish line, the crowd goes wild.

Every human emotion comes into play. At this very place, right here, right now. Happiness, sadness, complete devastation, utter euphoria. Love and hate. Winners and losers. Champions, and almost champions. All fighters, like modern day gladiators. Everyone has given everything they had. But only one gave a fraction more.

This is why it’s important to drive faster than anyone else.


Race Day

At astonishing top speeds of 375 km/h, drivers often experience a staggering 3-5 g-force throughout the race, which requires them to be in an absolute top physical shape. They are world-class athletes.

Witnessing the power, speed and resilience of the F1™ race is an awe-inspiring and amazing experience. Everyone has their favorite driver, and everyone wants him to win. The atmosphere in the stand is electric, and you can’t help but get bitten by the pure enthusiasm and excitement.

The race is won by one driver, but it is very much a team effort. The support team from the pit crew, the strategists, the observers and the coaches are all there to take one man through to the finish line to ensure absolute victory.

Hungary plays host to the annual FORMULA 1 PIRELLI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2014, at the Hungaroring circuit.  It has been host to F1™ t since 1986, and is a very special race track, as it was the only current Grand Prix™ venue to have never had a wet race, up until the 2006 at least.

The stylish Park Inn by Radisson Budapest is the perfect place to accommodate you during the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix™, with great views over the city centre and just a short drive to the circuit.

Experience the thrill and admiration of the ultimate race in Hungary on Sunday, 27th July.