5 absolute must-buys at Gardermoen Oslo Airport

Oslo’s outdoor cafes, famous sculpture park, and quirky festivals – church music and mediaeval culture anyone? – make it an essential stop on any traveller’s European itinerary. There’s just one problem: Oslo is (literally) the most expensive city in the world. Enter Gardermoen.

You’ve printed your boarding pass, checked out of our Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport, and dropped off your baggage with time to spare. But wait – you forgot to pick up a souvenir! Luckily, Oslo Airport has one of the biggest duty free shops in Europe, and keepsakes here offer much better value than you’d find elsewhere due to the country’s notoriously high taxes. Here’s our guide to the best buys in Gardermoen.

1. Scotch Selection

The duty free shop in Gardermoen has a winning selection of Islay single malts – and they’re three times cheaper than you’d ever find them outside the airport. Pick up a sherry cask-matured Aberlour or a twelve-year-old Cragganmore for the perfect gift to take home. And for yourself? Of course you’ll want to grab a bottle of traditional Scandinavian Aquavit; the distinctive caraway seed flavour is an acquired taste, but it’s well-worth developing your palate for.

Duty Free Shop at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

2. Norwegian Nibbles

Iconic. Hot smoked salmon is to Norway what fish and chips are to Britain. But surely, you ask, there are better places to try it than the airport? Wrong. The Gardermoen Salmon House outlet offers a quality range of seafood delights, from whole fish on cedar planks to small pre-packed slices. Not a fan of salmon? The hot-smoked trout is a milder traditional treat. And if fish isn’t your thing at all, it’s still worth visiting for Norwegian delicacies like homemade jam and lefse (flatbread).

3. Glassware Gifts

There are three things you need to know about Christiania Glasmagasin: it’s Oslo’s most famous department store, there’s a branch conveniently located in Gardermoen, and you won’t find a better selection of artistic glassware anywhere else in town. Browse the collection of delicate bowls, pretty bottles and ornate ornaments – and don’t forget to get your keepsake bubble-wrapped. While you’re here, you might as well pick up some fine Porsgrunn porcelain (to please your mum), and visit the knitwear department for something to fend off the winter chill.

Duty Free Shop at Oslo Gardermoen International Airport

4. Traditional Trolls

Trolls. Christiania Glasmagasin also has a range of Norwegian-made little hairy men. It might be a rather obvious souvenir, but you can’t disappoint your friends by going home without one, can you? Take your pick of grotesque or delightful figures to amuse (or disgust) the folks back home. Just don’t expect the neon-haired variety you had as a kid – these muddy green and brown trolls are far more Grimm-fairy tale gritty.

5. Timeless Timepieces

A trusted name on the Norwegian jewellery scene since the mid-19th century, Thune is our top spot to pick up a new watch. Their range of high-end and fashion timepieces includes something for everyone, whether you’re looking to replace a broken heirloom or just change up your daily look.