Europe’s Most Captivating Film Location Destinations

Lights, camera, ACTION! Classic silver screen moments were created near to many of our hotels. See below for a few places film enthusiasts will want to keep an eye out for when sightseeing.

Berlin – Bourne Supremacy

So much of this all-action film classic is set in Berlin it is hard to pin down one location. The lead character Jason Bourne first enters Berlin via the Autobahn, more specifically the 115. During this shot you can spot the radio tower that is so prominent in the Berlin skyline. Another building which stands out in the city is the Park Inn by Radisson, Berlin which is nest to the TV tower in Alexanderplatz, see how many times you can spot this 125m high landmark during the film. For more information about Bourne Supremacy locations in Berlin take a look at this list, which gives a scene-by-scene breakdown of the filming locations in the German capital.

Glasgow – World War Z


Brad Pitt stars in the apocalyptic World War Z, much of which was filmed in Europe. A large amount of scenes were shot in, or nearby the city of Glasgow. At the start of the film, Glasgow’s George Square doubles up for Philadelphia as does Cochrane Street where Pitt’s character’s family get caught in the initial zombie chaos. Fancy walking in Brad Pitt’s footsteps? Stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Glasgow City Centre.

York – Harry Potter


The boy wizard became one of the most successful book and film franchises of all time. Much of his cinematic exploits were filmed in Leavesden Studios near Watford, outside of the studio, scenes were also shot in London, Oxford, Durham and various locations throughout Scotland. However you may not know that York Station plays a cameo role, it doubled for Kings Cross station in a scene where Harry walks with Hagrid across a bridge. To explore more of magical York, stay at the city centre located Park Inn by Radisson, York.


Manchester – Sherlock Holmes


The great detective Sherlock Holmes didn’t spend all of his time with Watson at his Baker Street address. The modern film series which stars Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr, filmed some action scenes in Liverpool and Manchester. In fact Manchester Town Hall, with its gothic spires and gargoyles, stands in for the Houses of Parliament. Stay at our Manchester hotel and explore more of this amazing city.

Prague – Mission:Impossible


The famous Charles Bridge in Prague was the filming location for a dramatic scene in the 1996 blockbuster Mission: Impossible. The bridge is where Peter Grave’s character, Controller Jim Phelps, is shot and falls in to the Vltava below. Our staff will make it mission possible when you check in to our Prague hotel.

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