Explore the beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is without a doubt an interesting city with a lot to offer. Yet you should also take time to explore some of the lovely suburbs, witnessing the greatness of the former Russian Tsars.

The lovely suburb of Pushkin

Start your day off with a trip to Pushkin, one of St. Petersburg’s most charming suburbs. You can easily get there by train and at the same time enjoy a historic experience, as Pushkin is home to the first railroad service in Russia. The historic estate was originally given by Peter the Great to his wife Catherine and includes a collection of historic palaces and churches called Tsarskoye Selo. The place bears witness to the former glory of the Russian Tsars, with its extravagant architecture and sumptuous gardens.

St. petersburg Pushkin

Must-sees in Pushkin

There is so much to see in the suburb of Pushkin that you can easily spend the whole day here. Here are some more places for you to explore:

  • Catherine Palace, built by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who is also the architect of St. Petersburg´s Winter Palace. Make sure not to miss the extraordinary Amber Room.
  • Alexander Palace is a neo-classical masterpiece, even though it´s far less famous and much more dilapidated than the Catherine Palace.
  •  Pushkin has a lot of sights to honor Russia´s greatest poet, Alexander Sergeevich. Among them, a museum in the former Imperial Lychee, where he was schooled.

You might want to arrive here early, as the estate is one of the top attractions of St. Petersburg and might be a bit crowded. Fortunately, it´s a lot less busy now in autumn, so you will probably not have to spend as much time queuing.

Picnic in Pavlovsk

Instead of having your lunch in the rather expensive café at Catherine Palace, you should move along to the suburb of Pavlovsk, the youngest of all the grand imperial estates around St. Petersburg. In addition to the fine neo-classical palace, you`ll find rambling, extensive landscaped gardens all around. Why not sit down and enjoy a nice picnic whilst taking in the stunning surroundings and the colorful trees which are truly beautiful this time of year. This charming park is actually one of the largest and finest English-style landscape gardens outside of the UK and is definitely worth a visit.

St. Petersburg Pavlovsk park

Spectacular Peterhof

After a long, enjoyable picnic, you’ll be ready for your final destination of the day. Peterhof, also known as Petrodvorets, is a suburb with a highly popular palace and park often referred to as The Russian Versailles. Many visitors actually conclude that the comparison is incorrect, as the grandeur and scope of this majestic estate makes is even greater than it´s French peer. What makes Peterhof one of the top attractions in St. Petersburg is the famous fountains, including the spectacular Grand Cascade. The latter, comprises of  64 different fountains and more than 200 bronze statues and decorations. Even though going here in the autumn might deprive you from the possibility of watching the fountains as they function, the extravagance and extent of this incredible construction still makes it a place worth visiting.

St. Petersburg Peterhof fountains

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