Enjoy a magical day of football in Dortmund

During Dortmund’s long history the city has seen many big social and economic changes. However, throughout the last 100 years one thing has united the people of the city. While Dortmund was built on coal, steel and beer nowadays it’s a love of football that regularly ignites the passion of its inhabitants.

A trip to see Dortmund play at home is an opportunity to enjoy one of the best events in world football. And if you go across to catch a Bundesliga game, you’ll be watching one of the best leagues in the world. If you’re tempted by a sporting holiday in Dortmund we’ve put together a short guide to making the most of your trip.

Glory days in Dortmund

Since it was first formed in 1909 Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund – or Borussia Dortmund as it’s more commonly known – has been representing this famous German city on the football pitch. In those early days the club only enjoyed modest success but it has come a long way in the subsequent century, growing into one of Germany’s most successful clubs.

The “Black and Yellows” have been enjoying a particularly purple patch over recent seasons, winning the 2010/11 and 2011/12 German league championships. Although Dortmund lost last season, finishing runners-up to their big rivals Bayern Munich both domestically and in the Champions League final, the city is still flying high and now the league has started up again there is no better time to enjoy a trip to the club’s exceptional stadium.

Getting ready for kick-off

The imposing Westfalenstadion dominates the Dortmund skyline just as the football team that plays there dominates the passions of the locals. The enormous stadium is the biggest in Germany and regularly packs in upwards of 80,000 energetic fans all cheering on the drama being played out on the park. The atmosphere on these occasions is electric and truly memorable.

What’s more, the Borussia Dortmund home stadium also offers fans the chance to enjoy an experience lost throughout much of European football, in the terraces that surround the park. This stadium feature that was once prevalent throughout the continent can now only be found in a few places – including the Westfalenstadion. For many it’s worth catching a game there for this experience alone.

Because football is so popular in the city you’ll want to make sure you get your ticket early. Your first step should be to check the Bundesliga fixture list to help identify the match you want to see. After you’ve picked a tie which looks exciting enough head to one of the many English-language sites out there which can help you get your ticket to the big game.

When you’ve got your ticket you’ll be all set for a trip to Dortmund full of the kind of memories to last you a lifetime. To make the most of your trip though, we’ve pulled together some more information about things you can do in the alluring city.

Making the most of your away-days

Seeing Borussia Dortmund play might be the reason for having a holiday in Germany but you should also take a bit of time to check out all the other things you can do while you are in the city. After all, while going to a match could be the perfect focal point to a weekend in Dortmund, you’ll have plenty of time leftover to enjoy the rest of the city. Here are a few of the highlights:

Climb the Florian Tower

Set in the peaceful Westfalenpark the Dortmund TV tower, known more commonly as “the Florian” was once the tallest building in Germany. Even though that accolade has now been passed on to other structures, the building is still the highest in Dortmund and is an instantly recognisable feature of the skyline. Climb the tower for incredible views of the city.

Hit the shops

Dortmund has a vibrant shopping scene if you’re keen on picking up a few buys during your trip. The centre of the city’s shopping scene is Westenhellweg which has a good range of shops all round. However if you head across during the festive season you shouldn’t miss out on a trip to Dortmund’s Christmas Market, one of the biggest in Germany.

Take in the culture

Even though it might be the theatre of football which has drawn you to Dortmund, the city also boasts a thriving, dramatic arts scene. Much of this is based in the famous Ruhr area in the centre of town – the perfect place if you’re looking for culture. The Ruhr is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a great Dortmund hotel – the neighbourhood is home to our Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Dortmund.

Sample some local beer

As we saw earlier, Dortmund was built on steel, coal and beer. Though the coal and the steel industries are now things of the past the city is still renowned for the massive quantities of high-quality beer that gets brewed here. Find out about the history of brewing in the region, and get a taste of the famous brews, at the Dortmund Brewery Museum.

Party hard

Finally, and not totally unconnected to our last suggestion, finish of your match day by sampling the friendly and exciting Dortmund nightlife. The Ruhrgebeit is the epicentre of Dortmund’s party scene and you’ll find the area is packed with everything from earthy bars to sophisticated nightclubs. Cut loose and enjoy a big night on the town.

A trip to see Borussia Dortmund play will give you a great opportunity to see goals, glory and unmatched passion – but it also offers you the chance to visit one of Germany’s most interesting cities. Do your research, book your tickets and get ready for a great holiday.