Discover the dining culture of Riga in these 5 locally beloved spots!

Riga is a relatively fresh destination for many. The city just recently started to receive more of its well-deserved tourist attention. It is not only the vibrant nightlife, culture and beauty of nature that makes the city special. Going out to dine or have a drink is a great part of the local lifestyle in the city and should definitely be a part of your Riga experience. It is important to know where to find the best dining sports in Riga. To observe locals in their natural element will create lasting impressions on what the city is really about. Even though more exotic cuisines started to appear in the local restaurant scene relatively recently, Riga offers a wide variety of places (and creative concepts) worth a visit!

Our new Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona has a great benefit of being located in one of the busiest streets as for food and beverage establishments. This post will give you some tips on where to have a delicious meal in a close vicinity – just a few minutes walk from the hotel!

1. Tokyo City

It would be a shame to leave out our classy in-house restaurant in this overview. Tokyo City is located on the ground floor of Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona. Don`t let this well-known chain of restaurants mislead you by its far eastern name: it actually offers one of the widest variety of different international cuisines in Riga. Among locals, the restaurant is famously known for its special offer on sushi – buy one and get the second for free! Great business lunches and cocktails are also offered. Since our hotel breakfast buffet is conveniently served here, it will be hard to miss out. (Tips: the special sushi-offer also applies for sushi sets. Therefore, if you are planning a sushi party – bring your friends to Tokyo City)!

Tokyo City Restaurant Riga

2. Galerija Istaba

Paying a visit to this artsy refuge will be a memorable experience. In addition to having the cutest little shop for amazing and authentic souvenirs made by local artistsGalerija Istaba also has a gallery and a restaurant! No more cliché magnets and postcards for your loved ones. Besides, as the name of this place states (Gallery “The Room”), the atmosphere is beyond cozy and will serve as a great place for date nights. An amazing local and seasonal menu, served in dim light, will show you why this spot is a local favorite. Are you looking for a place to have an artsy coffee break? Get yourself a coffee while observing the locals on the second floor of the gallery!

3. Café Osiris

This café is an old establishments where legendary friendships and projects have arisen during both intellectual and bohemian conversations among local politicians, artists and entrepreneurs. Café Osiris gives you a strong feeling of Latvia, who re-gained independence in the early nineties. It is a historical spot who has conserved national elements which makes it worth a visit. At the same time, the menu is classic and exquisite. We suggest that you reserve a table for lunch or dinner, as it gets quite busy there!

4. The Beginnings

Due to a higher demand for health-conscious nutrition and alternatives to animal products, Riga is experiencing an increase in vegan and raw food restaurants. The Beginnings, being a pioneer in offering affordable raw food meals, has won over locals who are craving some freshness. Also those of you who are not vegan should give it a try. Fresh smoothies and sin-free confectionery are essential for a light start of the day.

5. Innocent Café

The last of the dining spots in Riga to make out top 5 is Innocent Café. This is an absolute favorite among locals for casual business meetings and coffee breaks. Innocent Café serves you exquisite food and a warm reception. A friendly smile from the other side of the counter is definitely a daily must-have! Besides, their broad and delicious brunch (offered every day of the week, by the way!) and burgers will make your taste buds very happy. If you are picky when it comes to your daily cup of coffee, this is the place to go. The café is an ambassador of Illy coffee, which is why locals call it Illy Café at times!

Stay with us at Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona or Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara while exploring these dining spots in Riga!