Discover Authentic Italian Food With Bocca Buona

It’s actually a fact that 100% of people like Italian food. 😉 Tomatoes, cheese, garlic and lots-a carbs, it’s a winning combination. Not to mention the wine, coffee and desserts. Bellisima! That’s why Park Inn by Radisson has an Italian restaurant in a number of hotels. Because even if all roads lead to Rome, it can take a while to get there.

So let us whet your appetite as we take you through the locations of our much-loved Italian restaurant – Bocca Buona.

That’s a Nice pizza!

Having hearty, delicious food is always good, none more so when you’ve landed after a long flight. So when you arrive at the Park Inn by Radisson Nice Airport Hotel, head on over to Bocca Buona. Tuck in to a pizza, or if you want to experiment, order the ‘Prepara la tua pizza’ – prepare your own pizza. If you’re in need of a night cap, order from our extensive drinks range, we have wines, liqueurs, beers and aperitifs in all sizes and colors.


Spaghetti a la Stuttgart

Dinner and a show! Come to the Bocca Buona at the Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart and see your food get prepared in the open kitchen. Now that’s fresh! Best of all, because of the open kitchen, the beautiful aromas will increase your appetite… meaning you may just have room for dessert! How about a traditional Italian tiramisu with a citrus twist?


Bocca table at Bratislava

It’s not only the ingredients that are fresh, the menu at Bocca Buona is kept fresh too! Very often, you’ll see a delicious new special that you MUST try! Grab a table at the Park Inn by Radisson Bratislava to try ‘Roasted Zander with fennel and pesto’, or the ‘Duck leg with cannellini beans and black mulberry’ – yum!


Margherita or MargheRiga

Bocca Buona eating area interior Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart

An Italian kitchen is big, friendly and full of delicious possibilities. At the Bocca Buona in the Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara, we extend that feeling to you. Not only can you expect yummy pasta, antipasti, and pizza, but you can learn the art of Italian cuisine by visiting their Facebook page, or joining a masterclass in the restaurant. They’ll have you flipping dough and shaking pepper in no time!


…So, who REALLY feels like ordering a pizza now?

Whether you’re going to Nice, Riga, Stuttgart or Bratislava, remember to stay at the Park Inn and drop into the local Bocca Buona. Addio!