Explore Stockholm’s most colorful metro stations

Taking public transportation most places is not always the most fun and bright experience. That is definitely not the case when you travel via Stockholm metro stations. In good Swedish style, the city has taken a creative and colorful approach by designing a nice environment for passengers on the Stockholm metro system. Many of the city’s metro stations have been fill with vibrant murals and special lighting techniques to make the public transportation experience a truly colorful one!

This project of beautifying the Stockholm metro system started way back in the 1950’s. Since then, over 90 of the 100 metro stations have been decorated with murals, mosaics, sculptures and unique works of art. Stay with us at one of the Park Inn by Radisson hotels in Stockholm and you will have the perfect opportunity to enjoy these amazing stations. Join us as we explore some of these colorful metro stations in Stockholm!

1. Stockholm metro – Solna Centrum

We begin our tour at Solna Centrum stations which is right next to Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Solna. The deep red color of the cave-like walls makes Solna Centrum one of our favorites. The lighting, in a way, is just as beautiful as the artwork itself. With recessed lighting along the edge, you notice all the contours of the rocky surface, adding a special dimension to the bright colorful walls.

The art on the walls was designed by artists Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg. After first painting the walls the striking red color, they felt like there was room to do even more.  Below the red color the artist began to address through art, some of the biggest social issues facing Sweden back in the 1970’s. The green forest landscape depicted there references the important debate around deforestation and environmental preservation among others. Take a moment, in this station to contemplate these issues as you enjoy this colorful piece of public art!

2. Stockholm metro – Stadion

Party goers to the vibrant annual Stockholm Pride festival will recognize this colorful station right away. The pride festival takes place each year at Östermalms IP, just a short walk away. The walls of the metro are similarly cave-like, as we have seen in Solna Centrum. Although, in this case the designers have taken a different approach.

In contrast to the dark experience you would imagine of being in a cave, the artists have painted bright skies complete with fluffy clouds all over the cave walls, again well-lit with recessed lighting. This gives the metro station a uniquely light and airy feeling. It won’t be long until you discover the main feature of this station. A beautiful rainbow runs over the entrance to the platform. This is definitely one of our favorites and not to be missed!

3. Stockholm metro – T-Centralen

T-Centralen is another great example of colorful public art in an otherwise ordinary Stockholm metro station. This was the very first of Stockholm’s metro stations to feature public art, way back in 1957! That has made this metro station one of Stockholm’s most recognizable. Here we find a blue ‘calming’ pattern painted on the cave walls.

The walls are white, accented with a blue borders, stylized flowers and leaf creepers climbing up the walls. The calming effect you experience here was purposefully created by artist Per Olof Ultvedt. As T-Centralen is one of Stockholm’s busiest metro stations, he wanted to create a relaxing environment to reduce anxiety of stressed daily travelers. We definitely recommend going and experiencing this one for yourself in Stockholm!

4. Stockholm metro – Mörby Centrum

Mörby Centrum is another great example of color in the Stockholm metro system, adding color to the trips commuters every day.  The walls of this station are very light and subtle. the tile work along the sides of the walkways will grab your attention with their vibrant colors and unique texture created by the configurations of the tile pattern against the cave walls. Artists Gösta Wessel and Karin Ek wanted to give a sense of travel and change. the colors of the tiles seem to change depending on your perspective, making the station fun and interactive as you move around it. Enjoy this fun station as you travel around the city of Stockholm!

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As you can see, Stockholm is a colorful place. You can even begin to understand a bit of the Swedish design aesthetic by the emphasis city planners have placed on ‘beautifying’ simple metro stations. While in other cities, public transportation centers are rarely places to experience modern art, Stockholm sets it’s self apart by making the simple things in life just a bit nicer and more fun with just a little bit of art that everyone can enjoy on a daily basis.

Are you thinking of planning a trip to Stockholm? Take a look at our complete Stockholm City Guide! You can plan your days and get tips like how much time it takes to see various attractions around the city. Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Solna  and Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Hammarby Sjostad are ready to welcome you for your visit! Hope to see you soon in colorful Stockholm!