Circus art turned into mural art in Bucharest

Park Inn by Radisson hotels and world famous artist Joel Bergner have created of yet another Adding Color to Lives mural. This time, the Park Inn by Radisson team worked with Parada foundation, a local youth organisation which specializes in supporting homeless kids living in the streets of in Bucharest, Romania. The organisation engages with the participants in circus art, bringing meaning and joy to their lives. Therefore, you could say that the participants are circus performers, trained by former circus artists. The circus artists play a central role in the piece and feature throughout the mural.

The wall that was selected for the mural was of a community police station in Bucharest. The involvement of the police gives this Adding Color To Lives mural a very unique character and underlines the importance of community support. It’s great to be able to count on the local police force, and in return they get a very colorful station.

During the workshop, Joel Bergner guides the teams in a playful way to another design. The Bucharest mural is created by the youth, for the youth, but also for the community.

Circus artist painted Bucharest mural

The dreamer

We all dream. Sometimes about life, sometimes about the future, and sometimes about who we are. Leo is the dreamer of the group. Being part of the circus performance, he is the youngest of the group, but performs really well. Juggling with balls and pins is not a problem, 2, 3 or 4 pins, Leo can do it. He modelled, representing the street child dreaming for a better future, in the circus.

Boy and mural in Bucharest

The Clown

Sometimes life is easier behind a mask. The youth of Parada are able to be themselves and be appreciated during their circus performances. They perform throughout the city of Bucharest at corporate parties and local events. It gives meaning to life and it also generates some income. They are all clowns, but not only the funny ones. Alina had the pleasure to be the model for the clown in the mural. She’s one of the most active members of the group and certainly likes to be in the center of attention. She couldn’t thank Joel and the team enough for her appearance on the wall.

Mural art clown closeup Bucharest


During the course of the week the hotel employees, Joel and the youth created this spectacular community mural, which was presented to the local community. Of course, the presentation included a circus performance of the whole group, a true show stopper and a fantastic closing of a colorful week.

Circus art youth in Bucharest

Performing in front of the mural in bucharest