Why host your next business event in Copenhagen

27Have your next business event in Copenhagen, and let the attendees immerse themselves in all this first-class business destination has to offer.

If you’re looking for the best place to host your business event, then look no further. Denmark, Copenhagen in particular, is a top location for business events both big and small. Copenhagen has made the ICCA’s list of the world’s most popular convention cities for decades, and with good reason. Government initiatives and lucrative VAT-exemptions along with its accessibility puts the Danish capital in the forefront of the business event world.

Easily accessible

CPHP1 - BP3 - EN - Shutterstock - Copenhagen Airport Kastrup connects you with the rest of the world with ease

Kastrup airport is a major flight hub connecting all of Europe with the rest of the world, which means flying your partners, clients or colleagues in from any continent is a breeze. In June and July of 2015, the airport had a grand total of 45,129 landings and take-offs. It’s been voted the “world’s best” for its comfort, service and all-round performance on several occasions. Getting to the airport and into the heart of the city is easy, all you need to do is board a train and you’ll reach Copenhagen a mere 15 minutes later.

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Great venues

If you want to keep your conference or event as green as possible, there are several ways to do it. Many airlines offer a way to offset carbon-dioxide emissions, such as Scandinavian Airlines, or if you want to avoid flying altogether you can easily get to Copenhagen by sea or rail. Many conference venues work to reduce their carbon footprint and if you wish to have organic foods served at your event, there are several catering companies in the city.

Organizing an event from another country can be a challenge, but the hallmark of the Danish way is good service. Talented and capable event organizers will do their absolute best to make sure your delegates enjoy a smooth and seamless stay. Most Danes, speak English fluently so making yourself understood won’t be a problem. Danish architecture is in a league of its own, and many of these grand buildings also serve as conference locations. Why not try some of Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport’s 23 conference rooms?

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Save money with VAT-exemption

Value-added tax, VAT for short, is a form of consumption tax calculated on all links in the sales chain. But the Danish government has seen its country’s potential to grow in the business travel-segment, and as of January 1st of 2015 any organizer can benefit from full VAT-refunds in three categories; accommodation, renting of rooms and rent of equipment, such as AV or other services. You can even get a 25 % refund for the cost of meals. Price is a key factor for any business event or conference organizer, and when choosing Copenhagen you’ll definitely be benefiting from these refunds.

The Danish way of Meetovation

What happens when meetings meet innovation? Meetovation of course! The Danes clearly know their way around organizing events, but they also know how to maximize the potential in every meeting. Through the concept of Meetovation they focus on engaging the participants actively, while offering a new creative approach to maximizing each participants potential. By utilizing active involvement, responsible thinking, creative setup and local inspiration you’re sure to draw on every participants strength’s resulting in better results. Meetings are a little bit more fun when you’re planning/creating them with a little bit of meetovation.

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In short, Copenhagen, Denmark is a perfect location to host an event, meeting or conference, be it big or small. Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport is a great place to both host an event and stay for a night, only a short train ride from the city, and a mere flight away from the world. Welcome!

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