Hand helds for a quick breakfast on the go!

Ever been so distracted you forgot breakfast? Or so busy or excited you skipped it? Breakfast at Park Inn by Radisson caters to your schedule and needs – literally. Our many hand-held options are perfect for a breakfast on the go, and hard to miss.

Park Inn breakfast bike with apples

Increasingly, many prefer breakfast on the go to save time better spent doing something else more important. However, breakfast being king and all, the importance of breakfast hasn’t diminished. Up until now there really hasn’t been many exciting alternatives to the sit-down deliciousness, which resulted in many skipped morning meals and ‘hanger’ induced outbreaks. Enter Park Inn by Radisson to the rescue. We have alternatives en masse for the masses!


A breakfast worth its salt

Some mornings call for a salty quick fix, and we have just the snacks to hit the spot! Juicy bacon bites, mouth-watering avocado, quinoa hashes, and much more to satisfy the little hunger. Grab one or two to-go and enjoy instant gratification with these little heavenly delights.

Hot breakfast buffet at Park Inn

Not so forbidden fruit

Not hungry the minute you leave, but the exact moment you’re out the door, or five minutes after that? Steal a fruity freshness from our fruit basket, we don’t mind. This little snack can be stowed away for later enjoyment – a delayed gratification is sometimes worth waiting for, and perfect for a tiny breakfast on the go!

Basket with apples

Slip and sliders for breakfast on the go

Tired of the same old, same old? Before sliding out the door, don’t miss out on some of the more alternative breakfast items. These tasteful gems are what dreams are made of and will keep you fueled until lunch. Filled with fresh, organic and local produce, these sliders and grilled cheese sandwiches are little hand held pieces of happiness.

Grab and go Park Inn burgers

No more excuses to skip breakfast, Park Inn by Radisson’s breakfast buffet has something for everyone. Whatever your breakfast preferences and schedule, we have grab n goes for all tastes and just the bite size snack to hit the spot.

Sausages for breakfast on the go

Grab and go breakfast

For further questions regarding grabbables and other breakfast menu items, feel free to hit us up on Twitter @parkinn, and we’ll be happy to hit back!